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Posing curves. Portrait and boudoir photography workshop

Posing curves. Portrait and boudoir photography workshop. Last Saturday, we ran a portrait and boudoir photography workshop  – posing curves workshop. Where I was teaching photography students to pose curves for all types of photography – portrait, glamour or boudoir photography. Genre doesn’t really matter as the rules for posing women and especially – posing curves; are the same for all genres. Heat was unbearable – we all congregated in the studio where our air-con was barely coping. Placed a few fans around us and our brave model. Guess what?Our smart old cat learned very fast the best spot to survive the heat is right in front of the fan! So here she is – posing almost in every shot I was taking. LOL Here are a couple of Behind the scenes images from that day. 

Award-winning portrait photography.

Awards from London. Award-winning portrait photography. Wanted to share with you a few of my award-winning images from London.  All were for portrait photography with some focusing on boudoir photography and glamour photography that I love to shoot. So happy with them. So happy that I have remembered to put some images into competition. (Being so busy – I keep forgetting to do it). It is good for your soul and keeps you in the game, competing with the best out of the best in the world. :>) I would encourage any of you who considers themselves to be a photographer to compete; to lift your game; to check your skills against the best in industry. And… polish them if necessary.       

Glamour photography. Before/afters

Glamour photography. Before/afters I know how much you guys love to see Before/After photos from our glamour photography sessions and boudoir photography sessions. It is in-powering to know that anyone, ANYONE is beautiful. This is what I am trying to achieve in my portrait photography. Or for those who still have doubts about their own beauty,  have those horrible,  self-deprivating thoughts  – my role is to show YOU what the world sees, what those around you see. It is only hidden from your own eyes and your soul so we need to work on it so you too can become beautiful in your own eyes. With a confidence boost, with a bit of couching on how to hold yourself, how to pose, how to use makeup and using proper posing and lighting you will see YOU for the first time.I promise you that.