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Boudoir photography St Ives

boudoir photography in St Ives, North Shore So happy to be shooting in my new, light-filled studio in St Ives, North Shore. We are only a few weeks here, and I am still experimenting with new possibilities, new corners, new set-ups, but shooting portrait and boudoir photography was never more enjoyable, than in this gorgeous environment.  And birds are singing along while we are creating magic. My best boudoir photography yet :>)

Portrait photography. Boudoir and glamour photography

Portrait photography. Boudoir and glamour photography Stylish, Artistic, Glamour, Natural or Sensual portrait photography. Vintage inspired, Boudoir, Pin-up, Old Hollywood, Venetian, Renaissance or Classical portraiture. Fantasy and dream, theatrical or natural – find out who you are and who you want to be. Celebrate everything about YOU – your hopes, dreams and fantasies, your insecurities and vanity, your sadness, tears and disappointment. Discover how glamorous and sensual you are; play a role, be a seductress, be a Queen or a dancer, cheeky or stay still in anticipation. Let’s play! You are not sure or you want to try a bit of everything – glamour photography, boudoir photography or classical and natural portraits – we can mix a few styles in one session for you. It is a girl’s day out where you will be pampered, played music to, have a Glamour Make-up and Hair done to fit the image you want to portray, try on amazing clothes, lingerie, costumes, amazing props that we have. If you are recently married – what a gorgeous gift to your husband, if you think – you are married for far too long and your husband only sees you in a dressing gown – what a great way to spark the passion again! :). If you just broke up with your partner – there is nothing better than to show them what they have lost – but even more important – prove to yourself how gorgeous you are! This day will give you a boost of confidence, hopes and playfulness that were always simmering inside you, just being hidden from some people, possibly even you. 🙂 It is a great idea to bring your girlfriends for encouragement, laughter and support and to play together! Let’s play! See you soon in our beautiful portrait photography studio in St Ives, North Shore.

Boudoir photography North Shore

Boudoir photography North Shore Today is my first boudoir photography shoot in our new studio in St Ives, North Shore. I am soooo excited to see how my new set-up and props work in my new beautiful studio. So many new ideas, set-ups and opportunities. These are a few from one of the recent boudoir sessions in the old studio 😉 

Our portrait photography studio is moving

Our portrait photography studio is moving Our family and glamour portrait studio is moving to St Ives, Sydney, NSW, 2075 next Monday! YAY! We will have a beautiful studio there, where I can offer many more options for my gorgeous clients! For family photography we will have magnificent trees – some can be a great option for creating your favourite fairy-tale photography images! For glamour photography and boudoir photography clients – we will have even more creative set-ups: we will be able to shoot in the pool and in the spa. Also we will have new set-ups for creating beautiful vanity fair style images! I am so excited! I hope to settle in a week after the move (fingers crossed) as we have already a few portrait shoots booked at the end of March in our new studio. April and May will be very exciting as we can take advantage of all the autumn colours of our new garden.  Can’t wait to show you my new creations. I will be monitoring all the messages on Facebook and emails in the midst of the move – it just might take me a bit longer to reply. Please bear with me. :>)  New studio