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Fine art portrait photographer Sydney

Fine art portrait photographer Sydney Client wanted her pregnancy photography done – individually and with her lovely husband and in one of those portraits she wanted to become a mermaid.  When they were considering a portrait photographer – they were looking at photographers who can do fine art portrait photography. In their next shoot in a few months we will be creating another mermaid image, but this time – my client will be holding a baby. I am soooo looking forward to this, so excited. Love challenges like this. Creations like this take a lot of styling and set-up, also a different type pf editing, but oh boy – isn’t it all worth it?

Fine art fantasy portraits

Fine art fantasy portrait photography I often get requests to take portraits to another level. Stunning Fine Art portraits that take you into the dreamy world of fairy-tales, fantasy and imagination.  Work required to create those is much more involved and elaborate, but oh boy – the results can be spectacular and so so fulfilling! 

3 Generations portrait photography

3 Generations portrait photography 3 Generations portrait photography. Nothing beats the emotion of this session. The power of love, bond and tenderness between these 3 was undeniable.  All I needed to do was to record what they were feeling. No fancy props, complicated backgrounds.  Made me really emotional to shoot that session. Reminded me how much I miss my Mum and what wouldn’t I give to have my moments with her later in life, when I was already an adult, recorded. I will post more images from this family photography session later, but here is the small collage with some of the highlights from that session.