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Glamour photography. Before/afters

Glamour photography. Before/afters I know how much you guys love to see Before/After photos from our glamour photography sessions and boudoir photography sessions. It is in-powering to know that anyone, ANYONE is beautiful. This is what I am trying to achieve in my portrait photography. Or for those who still have doubts about their own beauty,  have those horrible,  self-deprivating thoughts  – my role is to show YOU what the world sees, what those around you see. It is only hidden from your own eyes and your soul so we need to work on it so you too can become beautiful in your own eyes. With a confidence boost, with a bit of couching on how to hold yourself, how to pose, how to use makeup and using proper posing and lighting you will see YOU for the first time.I promise you that.

Free Webinar “How to make Magic in Photoshop”

Free Photoshop Tutorial Webinar “How to make Magic in Photoshop” Our “How to make Magic in Photoshop” Free Photoshop tutorial Webinar is set to go on the 20th, this Sunday, 5pm PDT Pacific Time. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Australia, notice – this is 11am Monday the 21st, Sydney time. Or 10am Monday the 21st, Brisbane time. NY, USA – it will be 8pm, Sunday the 20th. I am going to process this image (you can see before and after here) as promised, showing you all the steps, secrets & tricks I use. :>) What you will learn in the webinar: • Photoshop tips and tricks; techniques you can learn quickly to transform your images. • How to in Photoshop: both ways I edit in Photoshop – manually or with Photoshop actions. For a bit more advanced & also for beginners. • Creating magical Light Photoshop Effects. • How to use Photoshop Textures and Overlays in a few easy steps! • Create beautiful 3D painterly effects with ease. It is a new webinar technology we are trying to concur, so I am a bit scared (as I am technologically challenged individual 😉 ), but at the same time I am very excited as I know how much fun we are going to have & how much you will be able to learn. As I am doing it the first time with this webinar software – please forgive me for any technical glitches we might be experiencing. I am sure I will learn how to do it better. :>) CHECK THE WEBINAR TIME AGAINST YOUR TIME ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow the link below to the Time and Date Converter: The Time & Date to Convert from is: 20th March 2016 5pm PDT (Pacific Time) Then enter the details of where you live & then press CONVERT TIME. This is the time YOU NEED to put in your diary TODAY so you don’t miss this great opportunity. Here is the link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html Or check the time, that was converted for you already, if you are in any of those cities: Los Angeles, Denver, NY in USA; London UK or Sydney, Brisbane Australia http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20160320T17&p1=137&p2=240&p3=47&p4=75&p5=179&p6=136 Please register below by clicking on the link to attend this webinar. REGISTER HERE: http://creativephotographyclasses.easywebinar.com/event-registration/ On a day of the webinar – good internet connection at your end is important. Please make sure you setup 10 minutes before the scheduled webinar starts to avoid disappointment. Webinar will start sharp on time. Please share this blog with your friends so they too can benefit from this webinar. Am so so so excited and looking forward to see you there and share with you what I know! Love to all. Kira

Beauty knows no age. Glamour photography

Glamour photography session. Beauty knows no age. This stunning woman allowed me to mention her age – 57. She said she was proud to be 57. I felt privileged to shoot this woman yesterday – kind, loving, quietly confident. This is just a teaser her Before and After from the glamour photography shoot.