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Award-winning portrait photography.

Awards from London. Award-winning portrait photography. Wanted to share with you a few of my award-winning images from London.  All were for portrait photography with some focusing on boudoir photography and glamour photography that I love to shoot. So happy with them. So happy that I have remembered to put some images into competition. (Being so busy – I keep forgetting to do it). It is good for your soul and keeps you in the game, competing with the best out of the best in the world. :>) I would encourage any of you who considers themselves to be a photographer to compete; to lift your game; to check your skills against the best in industry. And… polish them if necessary.       

Portrait photography awards in London

Portrait photography awards in London International competition. That was a nice surprise to come back home to this email. 2 Golds and 3 Highly Commended Awards in London International competition SWPP. For portrait photography category, for boudoir photography and for vintage glamour photography. Happy I have remembered to participate in the last day of admissions. Didn’t do any adjustments – just admitted them the way they were presented to my beautiful clients 🙂 Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂    

Award winning images for portrait photography and boudoir photography.

Award winning images for portrait photography and boudoir photography. I need to do it more often! Need not to forget and put my images in competition, even if I don’t have time to make them “Perfect” :>) You never know what might happen. :>) Got Gold and two Highly Commended Awards for portrait photography category and boudoir photography category in SWPP – an International Society of Photographers. And that is for my routine client work as I didn’t have time to polish the images before I put them in. Pretty chuffed!

My step-daughter’s engagement party and couples photography.

My step-daughter’s engagement party and couples photography. Between David & I we have 4 kids and now it is the time for the first one to be engaged. OMG, OMG, OMG – so ready to be a grandma, but have to be patient LOL. Engagement party came so quick though.  And we had a fabulous day. Full of joy, bonding and laughter. And despite me not being an “official photographer” for that day (I was the VIP 🙂 and was not supposed to take pictures)  – still managed to take a few engagement photos. 😉  Don’t they just look smashing, these two? Oh boy – how am I going resist and behave at their wedding, being just a VIP? 😉