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Creative portrait photography workshop

Creative portrait photography workshop Photography workshop. Teaching students from Castle Hill RSL Photography Club how to style, compose, pose, direct, light, shoot and edit a fantasy art portrait. Creating extra-ordinary fantasy portraits out of ordinary things. Using easy-to-find materials that you can find in the house or online – the only limiting thing is your imagination and your confidence! And, of course, train your eyes to see the light and… polish your skills in posing and directing clients. This is where you need practice, practice, practice. Artistic portrait photography is so enjoyable, but needs lots of patience, taste, imagination, posing and directing skills. 

Award-winning portrait photography.

Awards from London. Award-winning portrait photography. Wanted to share with you a few of my award-winning images from London.  All were for portrait photography with some focusing on boudoir photography and glamour photography that I love to shoot. So happy with them. So happy that I have remembered to put some images into competition. (Being so busy – I keep forgetting to do it). It is good for your soul and keeps you in the game, competing with the best out of the best in the world. :>) I would encourage any of you who considers themselves to be a photographer to compete; to lift your game; to check your skills against the best in industry. And… polish them if necessary.       

Portrait photography awards in London

Portrait photography awards in London International competition. That was a nice surprise to come back home to this email. 2 Golds and 3 Highly Commended Awards in London International competition SWPP. For portrait photography category, for boudoir photography and for vintage glamour photography. Happy I have remembered to participate in the last day of admissions. Didn’t do any adjustments – just admitted them the way they were presented to my beautiful clients 🙂 Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂    

Award winning images for portrait photography and boudoir photography.

Award winning images for portrait photography and boudoir photography. I need to do it more often! Need not to forget and put my images in competition, even if I don’t have time to make them “Perfect” :>) You never know what might happen. :>) Got Gold and two Highly Commended Awards for portrait photography category and boudoir photography category in SWPP – an International Society of Photographers. And that is for my routine client work as I didn’t have time to polish the images before I put them in. Pretty chuffed!