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Couples boudoir photography

Couples boudoir photography Steve and Paula Drayton testimonial. I would like to say a huge thank you to Kira and David of Art Photography by Kira. I had become a bit of a fan boy of Kira’s work after finding her stunning pages on Facebook and her website. I wanted something special for Paula, something to remind her that she is a beautiful woman, to raise her self-esteem. Not the day to day image of herself as wife, mother, chief cook and bottle washer. After contacting Kira, we had an initial consultation. This was to find out what we were looking for, what were our needs, what Kira could offer and the range of her products and services. When we all were completely happy, the arrangements were made for the photoshoot, it was a nervous, a little apprehensive but excited wait. With hair and make being taken care of in a sensitive and professional manner by Catherine, the process of this wonderful day had begun. More checking our ideas took place first thing in the morning. Kira and David always making sure that we were comfortable with all that was going on. We were gently guided through each set of photos. Kira knew just exactly how to get the best out of us, the positions that suited our body types. Was it always easy you may ask in those modelling positions? Nope it wasn’t, but a little suffering for the beauty and the art was a small price to pay for such fantastic results. With our permission Kira posted a couple of teaser photos on her Facebook pages, to be honest we were stunned. These were the best pictures we had ever seen taken of ourselves. Our hearts skipped a beat when Kira told us these photos that she had displayed were not even the best that we would see. Seriously just wow! On the day of our premiere (as Kira and David call it) We went to see our photos, just not knowing what to expect. The presentation and the music that went a long with it was just sensational. Was a very emotional experience, tears all round. Who were these beautiful people on the screen, that’s right it was us! Kira had captured in a way we had never seen ourselves, with a beauty and sensitivity, with passion and strength To say that we were happy with our photoshoot and subsequent photos is a complete understatement. We are overjoyed, we have created with Kira and David’s help, memories that not only we can enjoy but that can be passed on Kira and David are consummate professionals and we can not recommend them highly enough. All our love. Steve and Paula

Fantasy and fine art portrait photography

Fantasy and fine art portrait photography. Lying down poses Always in huge demand; making you feel absolutely beautiful, feminine, graceful, very flattering for all body types poses, often taking years of our appearance. Fantasy, glamour and fine art portraits that are set-up on the floor or the ground; using different fabrics, light and fluffy dresses, jewellery, flowers or magical butterflies – you have to try one like this. You will definitely fall in love with it.

Vintage portrait photography Sydney, North Shore

Vintage portrait photography Sydney, North Shore Absolutely adore shooting this style. Vintage portrait photography. Nostalgic beautiful portraits, that evoke feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness. Sentimental yearning for the times gone, the longing… They are beautiful and graceful, elegant and posed. Using the classic, Old-Masters approach to lighting.