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Wedding Photography

Glamour, beauty, art and fantasy

                                    Is it a Glamour, beauty, art  or fantasy? You will be the judge. That is what I see at 4am in the morning when I can’t sleep 🙂 When I first time saw that cat – I have lost my sleep – I had to photograph it 🙂 Call www.artphotobykira.com.au on (02) 94997775 to discuss your fantasy! let’s play together! 🙂

One Fine Day – a family portrait

I was very much looking forward to this family portrait shoot, as I already knew some of the people, having photographed the ‘kids’ engagement and their wedding was happening soon. I thought it would be good – I had no idea how great it would turn out to be; how much it would move me – this family shoot. All the family gathered around their Dad/Granddad, and I was watching them, finger on the shutter, forgetting to breathe sometimes; laughing, following their laughter; playing with them…laughing so hard that we all nearly cried. And then again…. watching….watching… a bit envious somehow… but also feeling privileged to be a witness to the simple ‘greatness’ of this beautiful family… Watching a son’s hands on his sister’s shoulders, holding her tight, so much love…watching kids faces lit up looking at their parents, laughing – so much love… and like a centrepiece – Granddad – his laughter going through the whole shoot, connecting everything together, making sense of it all. Not to miss a moment of laughter… not a moment of tenderness…     Until next time,Kira

Is it a birthday? No! It’s Rebekah and Cory’s Wedding!

Guests arrived on that rainy September day at the lovely Clovelly Bowling Club for what they believed would be a wonderful 30th birthday celebration.  Much to their surprise Rebekah and Cory thought they’d get married! As the storm rolled on in, this amazingly fun couple surprised everyone as they said their vows within the club. After the beautiful ceremony, we went off to Waverely Cemetary and the surrounding areas to do some formal shots for the couple and wow! – that weather!  Umbrellas broke, everyone was trying to escape the wind, it was absolutely crazy! Oh no! What about the photos, I hear you ask?  Well.. who says you need a sunny day to create magic hmmm…..? If you would like to see more stunning highlights from the wedding, I will be posting the album on the Art Photography by Kira Facebook page very soon!  Stay tuned for the link. Rebekah and Cory, thank you so much for letting me part of your day! Congratulations again! All my loveKira