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A secret fairytale..Sneak preview of Setha and Mark’s Wedding

Setha and Mark were married last Sunday. It was absolutely the beautiful fairytale wedding Setha had been hoping for .. I feel so priviledged to have been there. I just love this shot! So I thought i’d share this little secret peek with you… Which style do you like best? I’m so itching to get working on the rest of this wedding! It’s a busy wedding season at the moment .. so stay tuned! We will see the end of this beautiful fairytale in the next few weeks. All my loveKira.

Kira’s Weddings photography

Dear Friends and Fans,Here is a little collection of images from some weddings that I was privileged to witness and photographed, hopefully showing a point of view, a way to see Your wedding and what I am looking for when I am there on your… special day. I am looking for beautiful things that are happening all around you – laughter, tears, Magic light, Magic of emotions around you, Magic of love – Magic everywhere! Enjoy and please let me know what you think. click here to view All my love to all.Kira