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Glamour Portrait Marathon in our studio

Glamour Portrait Photography Marathon in our studio, where 10 women were photographed in one hour What a marathon we had last Sunday in our studio! 10 women were photographed in one hour. I don’t remember working so fast ever!  🙂  The hardest part for me was to take only a couple of images of one person, & when only starting to get the taste of it; stop photographing her & start photographing another lovely lady. Normally I spend a couple of hours on getting to know a person, his or hers desires, fears,  fantasies & insecurities before I start shooting. Also we generally have a professional make-up & hair artist working with us, making our women feeling pampered & taken care of.  We didn’t have that luxury last Sunday. After introduction & letting our ladies know about a few tips on poses & how to look better in photographs – I basically had an hour to photograph all 10 ladies who applied their own make-up. You will see the first image, a “Before” image, that each lady sent me; then another image, that was taking by a friend right before the shoot in our studio, when each lady already had make-up on & then the 3rd image, taken during their 2-3 minutes of our speedy photo shoot. All images are taken with the same background & basically in the same pose. I wanted to demonstrate to our gorgeous women that beauty is in everyone: young & old, slim & voluptuous, extrovert &  introvert. We just have to remember it, keep our back straight, our necks stretched & our eyes sparkle with humour & compassion. Confidence is another factor in achieving a beautiful portrait. All 10 women ended up with a lovely portrait. That marathon was so popular that I have been asked  a few times already when are we going to do another one. 🙂 So maybe in a couple of months. Watch this space for the info  😉 Enjoy the samples of  “Before and Afters” 🙂       Book your session for yourself, your friend or your partner. Spoil your loved one! Call us on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au                    

Vintage Glamour and Vintage Boudoir Photography

Vintage Glamour and Vintage Boudoir Photography sessions at Art Photo by Kira Vintage boudoir is a very popular look in boudoir photography. A lot of ladies – all ages and all shapes want Vintage Glamour and Boudoir as one of their looks. It is gorgeous, it is sensual, it is very sexy and having props making it easier to get into character 🙂 How do you feel about it?     Book your session for yourself, your friend or your partner. Spoil your loved one! Call us on 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au  

The most moving and beautiful testimonial I have received in my life.

The most moving and beautiful testimonial I have received in my life. Most likely you are or you know someone who is pregnant. How important is this time, and how precious is it?  Let me tell you a story of Ms L. It is bitter-sweet.  I first met L when she was pregnant a few years ago with her third child. The results of our shoot captured her pregnancy in a beautiful, unique way; but little did I know the full extent of what this meant to this special lady. L has these treasured memories forever.  Time passed; and L became pregnant again. While overjoyed with her 3 beautiful children; and thrilled to be having another; time & life got in the way, and she never got around to having this pregnancy photographed.  Without warning, and significantly into her pregnancy; she heard the worst thing a pregnant Mother can hear.  “No heartbeat could be detected”.  I would be devastated. Most people would be devastated, and while filled with such great sorrow; on the day she buried her child, she posted these words as a comment to the movie I have posted the link to on facebook:  “I think all women need to watch this video of the most wonderful woman I have ever had the pleasure to not only meet but be photographed by. She shows all women how truly beautiful they are, I don’t think you can ever feel the same about yourself after knowing Kira and being witness to the magic she creates. I cried watching this video cos Kira stirs something inside of you and you just yearn to be around her with her positive view of people. I wish every woman had the opportunity to enjoy a session with her, the world would be such a happier place. She just knows how to capture the true beauty of everyone and knows how to make you feel amazing. If she weren’t the best photographer in the world she would make a great therapist. Dearest Kira the work you do is so worthwhile I can only imagine how many lives you have touched and changed forever. You have been given such a special gift that you so kindly share with countless others. You will forever be blessed for the love, compassion and hope you give to all your clients. Thank you dearly Kira : )” Happiness, sadness and enormous gratitude I was feeling is hard to describe. I am amazed and in awe by Ms L. strength and attitude. To think that in this fragile moment of her life she was thinking of somebody else, of women who, in her opinion, should experience something like she did in the past. To be able to find the words of love and encouragement. To help others see the sense of comfort she had knowing that at least one pregnancy was recorded provided her not only with memories; but helped her with the pain of what she was enduring; and allowed her to find solace during one of life’s deepest, darkest moments. Don’t let special moments pass you by. Get those treasured moments recorded with your chosen photographer: while pregnant; first stretch; first smile; connection between all of you, your love for each other, for your kids and for your parents and grandparents; a beautiful person who is you. Like Ms L did: seize the day and look for the great things, and savour them.   Here is a link to the movie L was talking about: Glamour Portrait Photography Behind the scenes at Art Photography by Kira   Lets have a chat about your needs. Call us on 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au              

Bridal designer couture glamour shoot

Bridal designer couture glamour shoot in Sydney Bridal shoot with bridal dresses from a wonderful bridal designer couture Jenet Zaiter and Sana Makeup Artist. Magnificent dresses, amazing girls, great makeup work! What a team! Here is a little preview from the shoot.