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Vintage glamour photography

Vintage glamour photography You are as beautiful as your soul shining through. I absolutely adore shooting this style – reminds me of beautiful actresses of 1920’s. I call it “Vintage Glamour”. This is a huge part of my portrait photography – vintage glamour photography or vintage boudoir photography. Wish I would shoot it more often 🙂

Glamour photography

Glamour photography Inside or outside – glamour photography is very popular in our studio. Beautiful collection of props, couturier dresses, jewellery that we have in our studio will help any woman feel gloriously beautiful. Don’t wait much longer – lets celebrate YOU!

Beauty knows no age. Glamour photography

Glamour photography session. Beauty knows no age. This stunning woman allowed me to mention her age – 57. She said she was proud to be 57. I felt privileged to shoot this woman yesterday – kind, loving, quietly confident. This is just a teaser her Before and After from the glamour photography shoot.