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Vintage glamour photography

Vintage glamour photography Absolutely love creating in this style. Makes my heart sing. Vintage glamour photography or, as some would call it,  Old Hollywood glamour photography and vintage boudoir photography – both styles are very much in demand with my clients, when choosing styles for their portrait photography. Maybe because I love it so much myself? 🙂  

Portrait and glamour photography

Portrait and glamour photography. Beautiful Tuyamaa – top-model and Miss Mongolia contacted me for portrait and glamour photography in the soft, fantasy style and some boudoir. Here are just a few teasers from that magnificent shoot we had.  We will have more to show you soon. Make-up and hair which I wanted to keep light and natural for that shoot was done by lovely Tina from Gloss Girl

Glamour photography

Glamour photography Glamour photography is a huge part of portrait photography nowadays. Always needed: feeling glamorous, feeling powerful, feeling mysterious and confident. We deserve it.  

Glamour shots with Sally

Glamour shots with Sally. These glamour shots were taken at Sally’s 21st. We didn’t have much time to do elaborate set-up, so basically, we block one corner of the kitchen/family room near the door where the light was good and only using a silver reflector when needed, started shooting. Here are a few images from that session. How can there be portrait photography without some glamour shots when you are 21! What a stunning girl! And what a cute dog – Chanel! 🙂