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What is your dream shoot?

What is your dream shoot? What is your dream photo shoot? If you close your eyes and start fantasising – what do you see? Do you see a Princess? A Seductress? Hollywood  Movie Star? A fairy? Are you galloping on a beautiful horse in a magnificent gown? Or the place you stopped to dream is full of magic butterflies? Take a couple of minutes; think about what your dream photo shoot would be… Lets create it together: glamour photography, fantasy shoot, boudoir photography, portrait photography, fashion shoot – all types of creative photography, art photography can come together to make your dream a reality.

Glamour photography

Glamour photography Glamour photography in my interpretation is creating alluring, attractive, fascinating, charming images. They can also portray enchantment; spell; mystery, sensuality. Women looking their best.

Old Hollywood glamour photography

Old Hollywood glamour photography. My new favourite image, taken to create the feel of Old Hollywood glamour photography. I adore it.  So much fun – setting up the room, the mood, choosing the props, thinking of creative lighting. Then, of course – posing, posing, posing. And… final touches in Photoshop to bring the whole vision alive.

Glamour shots for the Cover of the Magazine.

Glamour shots for the Cover of the Magazine. Popular Mongolian TV ZONE weekly magazine published  the article about Miss Mongolia and Asian Top Model Tuyamaa Tumenjargal who I have photographed recently – we had fantasy portrait photography and boudoir, glamour photography done – and have chosen my image for the Cover of their Magazine. Also a couple more images for the spread. :<) Make up was done by lovely Tina Niszczot from Gloss Girl