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Magnificent 16 Glamour shoot

Glamour, fantasy portrait photography for the beautiful 16yo I can’t believe how quickly the year passed and now we are shooting Amber’s sister, Chloe on her 16th. Different dresses, different looks, lighting scenarios and a fairy-tale. You name it – we had it all. So looking forward to working on all the images from that unbelievable session, but for now – a couple of teasers for gorgeous Chloe – one was a candid image taken during our lunch, another one shot as as a high-key image.  

At Linda’s

Glamour fashion photography shoot with horses and dogs What a day it was! If you know me – you would know that I adore horses; I almost stop breathing when I see those beautiful creatures. Well, that day  was everything to almost stop breathing and more: horses, dogs, beautiful fairies, amazing dresses, stunning women, smiles and a lot of creativity from everybody involved. Huge thank you to everybody involved in that awesome day – Linda for opening to us your home and helping us with your animal kingdom and amazing generosity. Thank you to your friend – Lynne for all her help today; Tina from Gloss Girl for beautiful makeup and hair job, Lorraine for your amazing creations ( your pink dress was to die for) and help with the lighting; my gorgeous fairies Sophia and Gabi for being beautiful and very, very brave, dealing with the weather conditions and all the different animals – you were our little soldiers and of course, my husband David – for keeping us all intake, fed, protected and cared for and, not to forget, well lit.  Love to you all – my preciouses. A few teasers from the day.

Teaching Magic of Photography

Learning Glamour and Boudoir Photography. In my possibly last Intimate workshop this year that was running for 2 full days and nights 🙂 we were working on learning how to create Fantasy images, what is involved in such a creation. From the idea that is formed during the consultation with your client, through posing, directing, whole psychology that is involved with dealing with your client in order to extract that amazing, beautiful emotion; styling, choosing props and sets to the final retouching in Photoshop. We were also working with our new set of Glamour/Boudoir/Fantasy actions that will be soon available on our new website 🙂 This image was created with our new actions. We had beautiful Ely to model for us. Isn’t she just gorgeous? Can ‘t wait to photograph her and her Mum in 2 weeks.  

Magic Touch Tutorials

Magical glamour, boudoir and fantasy tutorials. As you might know we are in the process of creating tutorials for photographers who want to learn how I go from A to B in creating of my images –  from the idea to implementation. Here are only a few samples on what I am thinking of offering as a tutorial. Looking at these Before/After’s – would you like a tutorial on how it was done? Let me know We are also running one last in this year Intimate workshop in November,  the 10th and 11th. Only two more places available. Email us if interested. Love. Kira