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My children

Portrait photography Sometimes my children let me take a photo of them. 🙂 Doesn’t happen often I must tell you.  But when it does… How can you love somebody so much that it hurts… Apparently one can  🙂 My sons… I will post a couple of photos of my oldest in a few days. He promised me 2 min. of his precious time! YAY This is my youngest.  

Newborn photography session Sydney

A beautiful newborn photography session. My heart was melting, melting…. That wonderful smell of a baby, that wonderful sound of a quiet, but oh so deep love between the three. Tired, but having amazingly bright with love and content eyes, parents of a newborn …. Circle of life… A privilege to witness; an even bigger privilege to record… David had noticed I am becoming clingy… Ageing possibly? 🙂   Book your own session. Spoil your loved one. Call us on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au

Russian Kira’s salad recipe by a popular demand

Russian Salad by Kira I used to be a lot of things before I became a photographer 🙂 What many of you might now know about me as I used to be a good cook before I became a photographer. Actually I used to be a lot of things before I became a photographer 🙂 I cooked a lot and with a passion  then I became a photographer and everything else had to stop LOL Well, now and then I still get requests from my friends and clients  to let them know some of my recipes after hearing the stories about my colourful past 🙂 One of the most requested ones is my Russian Salad or, if you prefer, Russian Salad, my way 🙂 Images of the most crucial ingredients will follow ( for Mayo and for pickles)   “Ok, here we go. Proportions of mayonnaise; pickles; salt; pepper; type of chicken or meat (if any) may vary, depending on my mood; time of day; availability of particular product; who is coming (I would consider if people are used to eat adventurously or not; age; eating habits and general health issues);  if I like those guests :);  if I want them to come back or if it is my “ex-mother-in-law”.  Well – you get the drift.  🙂   ‎1. To boil: potatoes (6-10), carrots (2-4) until soft. When cooled down – should be peeled and cut/slised as per traditional potato salad, only finer, smaller cubes. 2. 6-8 hard boiled eggs or up to your taste 3. Finely chop onions (4-6) Can be any sort of onions, depending on the sort you like. 4. Shallots – optional. I prefer to have them. If I do – the amount of onions decreases or gets eliminated completely. 5. Apple or two – optional. Introduced by me. I like to have them. 🙂 6. Chicken. Can be breast fillets – grilled (the healthiest option and preferred one by me at the moment 🙂 ); baked; fried; cooked at home or bought already-made at the shop. No skin. Unless you really, REALLY don’t like your guests. 🙂 6. Or boiled beef. 6. Or Berlina (like Devon, only better). 6. Or increase the amount of boiled eggs. 6. Or forget the meat and put … canned tuna…Proportions vary … as stated previously 🙂 7. Pickles – I prefer “Eskal Dill Pickles”, but it can vary, depending on your taste – chopped. Half or whole can or more…., depending …..as stated previously 🙂 8. Sometimes I put fresh cucumbers. Take it or leave it. It depends… as you already know…  🙂 9. Can of green peas 10. Whole Egg Mayonnaise – definitely, – definitely the amount of that Magic product will make it or break it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add it carefully and taste, taste, taste while adding!!!!!!!!!!! Again – please, PLEASE, PLEASE remember WHO IS COMING to your party – DO YOU WANT THEM TO COME BACK?!?!?! 11. Add salt and pepper to your taste. 12. Dill to be put at the end for aroma. I love it. You don’t have to 🙂 I hope I haven’t forgotten anything… oh well – Oh well – dementia might be taking its course already   Please let me know if you like this recipe, if you try it – please let me know how did you go with it and how did you family/friends react? 😉 And…. if you want more recipes in the future. Love to all. Kira    

Sweet sixteen glamour portrait photoshoot

Glamour portrait photography shoot for a beautiful teenager. What a great present Amber’s Mum decided to give her – a glamour photography session in our studio and gardens; having different looks, trying dresses, props, wigs; creating Magic. Beautiful Amber was an absolute treasure – such a inspiration! Yes, sure, I was giving her a lot of direction, but she was able to listen and adapt almost immediately, making it impossible for me to finish the shoot. 🙂 I kept seeing images left and right and didn’t want to stop. Here are only a few teasers to give you a taste of what was created on that day. Watch this space for more Magic 🙂 from this amazing glamour photography portrait session. Beautiful make-up work by Tina from Gloss Girl   Before transformation – having hair and make-up done Book your own session for your daughter/s. Spoil your loved one. Call us on 02 96598444or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au