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Art pregnancy photography

Art pregnancy photography Beautiful Leanne wanted to have an art piece that she would treasure forever on her wall. She booked a pregnancy photography session, making absolutely clear that she wasn’t after many images, but wanted a beautiful piece of Art on her wall. The beauty of an expecting Mother, anticipation, excitement;  waiting for future that changes your life – all of this I was hoping to reflect in this image – image with the flower. The one she picked to be a canvas.  

Little angels in the forest

Magical family photography session I absolutely adore this style of child photography. Family photography in autumn or spring is even more magical. Beautiful light, beautiful colors, kids look like little angels in the forest.

Family Photography

There is so much magic in family photography. Magic of love, magic of devotion, magic of wonder and innocence. Sibling connections, beautiful tenderness, unforgettable moments of time playing together, being together. I absolutely love photographing kids and families in a magical way. It’s like dreaming, but in real life. Who said that family photography should be boring? 🙂