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Magic of family photography. Circle of Life

Magic of family photography. Circle of Life. Highlights of pregnancy, newborn, kids and family photography at Art Photography by Kira. Create your own Magic. Book a family photographer you trust. Put your family portraits on the walls of your home. Forever there for generations to treasure; to enjoy; to make your heart sing. Record those precious magic moments. Portrait photography doesn’t have to be boring or formal. It can be magical. Create your own magic. Love to all. Kira

Family photography

Family photography. Portrait photography. Father and daughter’s love. Taken at her 1st Birthday celebrations. This girl is a sunshine that warmed my heart. Forever. Make sure you call your favourite family photographer and get Your memories recorded.  

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography. Mums often want Magic from their kids portraits. It is something about us, women – never growing up from those magnificent fairytale stories that we were obsessed about when we were kids. And we found the solution in magical, enchanted child photography – huge part of a family photography in our studio! We wanted to be Princesses! We want our kids to be Princes and Princesses! We want our partners to be Kings and treat us as Queens! We want Fairies, we want Magic! And if we can’t get it from our husbands ;<)  – we, for sure, can get it from magical family photography and from enchanted child photography!