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Family Photography

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography. Mums often want Magic from their kids portraits. It is something about us, women – never growing up from those magnificent fairytale stories that we were obsessed about when we were kids. And we found the solution in magical, enchanted child photography – huge part of a family photography in our studio! We wanted to be Princesses! We want our kids to be Princes and Princesses! We want our partners to be Kings and treat us as Queens! We want Fairies, we want Magic! And if we can’t get it from our husbands ;<)  – we, for sure, can get it from magical family photography and from enchanted child photography!

Recording the memories. Family photography

Recording the memories. Family photography. Memories of your family being together, memories of all of you laughing, playing, loving each other, feeling each other’s shoulder. Recording your life. Family photography – huge part of portrait photography – documenting the story of Your family. Get in touch with the family photographer you trust and organise your precious memories to be recorded. Don’t delay – don’t have regrets. Time is passing us by.

Magical, Fantasy or Fairytale photography.

Magical, Fantasy or Fairytale photography. When enquiring about child or family photography a lot of parents are asking me if we need to go to that special location to create magical or fairytale images. No, not really. 🙂 Here is Before/After of an image, showing you we can create Magic anywhere, even when the hat is falling down and even when your child refuses to cooperate 🙂 They are adorable even when they are having a tantrum.  LOL Enchanted, fairytale photography  – what a blessing to be able to create it!

Magic Child Photography

Magic Child Photography Child photography is a huge part of family photography. I love to shoot it in a Magic way. The essence of children – their innocence, their naivety and cheekiness; their belief in fairy-tales… Love to shoot their Magic