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Discover Sensual You

Discover Sensual YOU Face of The Month Facebook Competition

Dear friends and fans! As you know – DSYOU is a new line that a lot of lovely people still don’t know about! I was thinking how to spread the word about us and decided -Why not Let our loyal fans & friends help me with this! Just by helping us spread the word you could win! Discover Sensual YOU is pleased to announce our First Monthly ‘Face of  Discover Sensual YOU’ Facebook Competition! The Winner of our Monthly competition will win: 1. Discover Sensual YOU mini-shoot and a make-up and styling with one of the best make-up artist in the industry –  Gloss-Girl ($189 value) 2. Gorgeous corset of their choice from a selected range of luscious lingerie offered by Curvaceously Yours and Madame Fru Fru ($80 -$100 value). Warning: ADULT CONTENT. Do not follow these links if you are under 18 years old. Samples of the corsets that the Winner can pick from:   Check corsets and details here: Warning: ADULT CONTENT. Do not follow these links if you are under 18 years old. http://www.madamefrufru.com.au/shop-online/lustful-lingerie/corsets-bustiers-waist-clinchers/tess-corset http://www.madamefrufru.com.au/shop-online/lustful-lingerie/corsets-bustiers/satine-corset http://www.madamefrufru.com.au/shop-online/lustful-lingerie/corsets-bustiers-waist-clinchers/bi-bi-bustier http://www.madamefrufru.com.au/shop-online/lustful-lingerie/corsets-bustiers-waist-clinchers/ella-rae-corset-1 http://www.madamefrufru.com.au/shop-online/lustful-lingerie/corsets-bustiers-waist-clinchers/ella-rae-corset http://www.madamefrufru.com.au/shop-online/curvaceously-yours/valentines-collection/lilly-bustier-0 http://www.madamefrufru.com.au/shop-online/curvaceously-yours/valentines-collection/lilly-bustier 3. The Winner will be featured as a DSYOU Facebook page cover photo for a month. Altogether –  $250 value you can win Just for helping us promote our DSYOU Facebook page! As if that wasn’t enough – Curvaceously Yours and Madame Fru Fru offers a 10% Off Discount Coupon to ALL those who enter the Competition! TO ENTER: Simply email your image to us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au with your name & surname. You will be emailed a 10% discount coupon code and we will upload your photo into the facebook “DSYOU Face of April” album, tag you there or you tag yourself. You will ask me – but how about clients who already had a shoot with us – it is not fair not to give them the same opportunity? And you will be right! All the Existing clients of DSYOU can also enter! If one of them wins – instead of a shoot  – the winner will get an 8×12 inch framed enlargement of their choice. Therefore, if you already had your DSYOU shoot – please email the thumbnail of the image from this shoot to us. The image you email should be the one you want to get framed in case you win. Terms and Conditions: • Corset must be ordered upon receiving a winning notification in order for it to arrive in time for your shoot. All items will be subject to availability. Corset will arrive at our studio in Glenhaven and will be taken in conjunction with your DSYOU session. The lingerie chosen by the winner must feature in their DSYOU photo session. • The winner/s must book & take their DSYOU free session within one month of the close of the competition. DSYOU mini-sessions are held Monday-Friday [public holidays excluded] in our Glenhaven studios. • The winner will be defined by the most number of likes under their image and NOT by the quality of their uploaded image. Only likes by people who also like DSYOU page are valid. • Existing DSYOU clients who enter, must email an image from their DSYOU session. • Open to all ages, however if under 18 you will need a parent or guardian’s permission. Warning: Madame Fru Fru  and Curvaceously Yours websites have adult only content. Do not visit those websites unless 18 years of age. If the winner is under 18 – sample images of lingerie can be emailed. • Only images emailed to us will be accepted for a competition. Images posted on our DSYOU facebook page wall will be deleted. Let’s keep it tidy friends. 🙂 • Prizes are not transferrable. • Madame Fru Fru  Discount link coupons will be valid for the month of the entrant’s entry only. Each month a new discount coupon code will be set up. This can be emailed to the entrants once we receive your entry with the image.

Glamour Images in the water

My dear “Discover Sensual YOU” friends! We are back from our amazing Holidays in Vegas and “Discover Sensual YOU” can’t wait to discover YOU 🙂 This message is for those of you who are planning to have a DSYOU session soon and would love for the one of the looks to be in the water. If you want to have a spectacular “Water Look” – you need to book your session now so we can do it in the next few of weeks as water in our pool will be much colder later. Of cause – we can still do some water images in our outdoor or indoor spas, but those images, as beautiful as they are, have a limited range of poses.  Slots that are available next week are on those days: 20th, 21st and 25th Looking forward to hear from you and to create together stunning imaginary. Love to ALL Kira

Last few months of photo-sessions in Discover Sensual YOU

Dear friends and fans! I can’t believe that tomorrow we will be on a plane to our Holiday destination – for the whole 3 weeks! Holiday for me and David – first time in 7 years! And… I have never been in States before…Valentines’ day in San-Francisco – YAY!, Then Las Vegas! Yee-Haw! Of cause – all emails and facebook messages will be checked regularly, but it can be a bit of a delay in our reply. Thanking all my great clients…ops – friends Jfor their patience as they are waiting for their visit to our studio upon our return for viewing their gorgeous images. Believe me, after such a long-due Holiday – I will come back even more energetic and excited to work on our beautiful creations!   But before we go… A retrospect of the last part of 2011 when “Discover Sensual YOU” was born. All my photographic life, from landscapes in 2001 to a wedding photography in 2003-2004 till now – Never, ever was I as happy, not only as a photographer, but also a human being, to be doing what I am doing right now. And, mostly, it is due to a ‘Discover sensual YOU” line that we created in AUGUST 2011 As much as I love weddings (really, what is not to love? You can be a portrait, event, landscape, photo-journalist photographer – all in one. A wedding planner and a psychologist, a friend and a confidant…) -what I started to see sooo clearly- a wedding will happen With or Without you; bride and groom will be happy with or without you, they will have the best day of their life with or without you.  Yes, it is true, their images might not be the same or maybe not as good as they could have been and that is very important to have those very special memories recorded with Love and Passion. But still – their wedding will happen and they will have a great day even if I am not there. On the other hand – In “Discover Sensual YOU”- I feel that we make a huge difference in people’s life. A real difference. Inside and out. Based on our burning desire to prove to each and every woman that she is beautiful, that she has this special Light and Confidence that touches everyone around her in that special, magical way; to show, what was hiding for so long, but was always, always there. Every time I see the result of our day spent together – I feel deliriously happy and enormously satisfied with my place in life, the meaning, if you wish, of my life. Selfish? Oh, yeh, very. Is it all about me feeling good? Quite possible J I am a very selfish person in that regard. I am overwhelmed with the results, with the respond we have received over the last few months from our gorgeous women and couples. I feel truly, truly blessed. I want to say ‘Thank you” to all the ladies and a few men J that came to us in the last few months to have a “Discover Sensual YOU” session, and all of you that are planning to come in near future. Here are your beautiful faces – well, most of them as a few will remain private. All my love. Kira Gabi Kalee Sammy Vicky Angie Sally Erica Erica and Erin Jo Jo and Alan lady J Daphne Myra Natalie Charmaine Kirralee Charmaine and Kirralee Sharon Emily Lady Victoria   Sarah Sarah and Ricky Lady Sandy Lady Simone Lady Tina Mel Kirstin Kelly Erin TeeRae

Four friends came for Discover Sensual YOU photo-shoot at Art Photography by Kira

4 friends –  4 different lives, 4 different faces, 4 different beauties.  Kirstin (she became my client and also a friend since we photographed her wedding) came to have a “Discover Sensual YOU” Experience with her 3 friends – Kelly, Erin and TeeRae.  Kirstin Before Kelly Before TeeRae before Erin before Kelly   I have met Kelly before at Kirstin’s wedding and was really happy to see her, glowing happily, expecting a child. I have asked her if she was sure to have a DSYOU photo shoot as opposed to a portrait, pregnancy shoot, but she categorically said – “No, I wan to do this, I want the whole deal, I want to feel and look sexy and show the world that pregnant woman can be stunningly sexy!” And, oh boy, didn’t we do it? Kelly – you were such a sunshine, glowing and your light was touching everyone around you. Pregnant IS a New Sexy J  With Kelly – a decision of what to wear and how to photograph her came easy. We decided what was the way to go almost straight away.   She was the first girl that went into doing make-up and hair while we continued chatting with other 3 and discussing their desires, insecurities, agendas and hopes.  Kirstin Kirstin, my dear beautiful Kirstin, with the heart of Gold and arms stretched out to hug the whole world and especially her loved ones wanted to try something different as she already had beautiful, romantic photos of her that we done at the wedding. So, our agenda was – “Drama” and Gothic, a bit of theatre, but always, always – sexy and strong! Knowing Kirstin and having different chats with her in the past helped me starting seeing images of her almost immediately, especially “Theatrical”, “Drama” ones. As Kirstin decided to upgrade to the full experience while we were chatting – her 3rd look took a bit of time deciding and, at last, we settled on water images for the soft and sexy side of her. Wait till you see those… TeeRae TeeRae, she opened her heart to me straight away. She has a beautiful talent to make you feel comfortable and appreciated. It is a gift, dear TeeRae J  This gorgeous girl, strong, with a very beautiful, athletic body decided that the way she wants to see herself is a feminine, soft and classy. I was amazed at the way TeeRae was reacting first when I told her that she has a classic beauty, that her body is strong, yes, but that IS beautiful! She IS the epitome  of health and beauty, she is quietly confident and strong and that is very, very attractive. I hope, seeing her beautiful images (I was making sure I was showing girls images in camera as the last thing I wanted to have is for them to think – it is all Photoshop J ) made her feel much more confident that she is Beautiful, Gorgeous actually. Hope we could also help TeeRae with a few tips of colours and styles for her wedding 😉   Erin Erin, Erin, Erin… A very quiet girl, who was listening to all of us talking, laughing, not saying a word… Oh Erin, the first thing I wanted is to hug you, to protect you from the whole world. (Bloody Hell – I am becoming clingy and motherly.  Is it already time for having grandchildren? I surely hope not L  My oldest son, if you read this – Forget it!)   It took us a few hours before Erin quietly said – “I want to be girly, I want to be feminine”. ?????????????????????????????? Oh Lord, how I wish to get at those people in our lives who plant those terrible doubts in our heads; who enjoy putting us down; who, like real parasites, thrive on making you feel low, ugly, inadequate, miserable! I had people like that in my life and it took years to try getting over my doubts that I am worth it, that I am beautiful, that I am talented, that I am wanted. Erin, you might  be surprised to hear that I am still struggling with a lot of it.  The sheer beauty of this girl is staggering. Her eyes – amazing eyes, blue lakes that take you in another world…. and yet, she wasn’t believing me, saying it. Not even sure she was believing when I showed her the images in the camera. I don’t even know if she believes me now, seeing all the beautiful comments on her teaser that was posted. I don’t know. Oh Erin… You are so, so beautiful. You could get the modelling position in Europe straight away if you wanted it. Not that being a model makes you beautiful.  4 friends –  4 different lives, 4 different faces, 4 different beauties.