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Discover Sensual You

Two Queensland Seminars

Some may know that I was invited to speak in Queensland, recently. Twice. Firstly as a contributor to AE2012, run by Shirl & Rob Heyman, then a couple of weeks later by the PPAQ via Yohti Jenkins. I think it was a Success! I was worried for nothing 🙂 I am still overwhelmed with all the beautiful comments, messages, amazing, warm words that were sent to me. I feel Blessed. Here are a few of those: Here is a link to find out more about our “Intimate” workshop :  Workshops

Discover Sensual YOU photo shoot for Lady Melissa

Can you believe this beautiful, confident, amazing woman is a mother of 4? You are kidding me…     A sneak preview of Melissa Discover Sensual You shoot with Before and After shots  Before After See more Discover Sensual You shots here: Discover Sensual You Call us to book your sitting or ask a question: at 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au Love to all. Kira

Discover Sensual YOU Album from a Boudoir session with Lady Sandy

Are  50-60 new 30 ? If you have been watching us you’d remember lady Sandy – an amazing 55yo who let us know her age and revealed her transformation when we decided that 50-60 is new 30 nowadays. Well – this is her album. Enjoy Click here to watch   Lady Sandy Discover Sensual YOU album Before After Want to see more Discover Sensual YOU images? Check them here: Discover Sensual You email us at: sales@artphotobykira.com.au or call on 02 96598444