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Discover Sensual You

A teaser for beautiful Rachel from Discover Sensua..

Two lovely young ladies – Rachel and Colleen came to our studio on Friday night. They stayed overnight so Rachel could start her Discover Sensual You session fresh and rested early in the morning. Her friend Colleen was there to support her all the way through the shoot. Rachel was amazing and Colleen was a great help to her friend and even to me, holding reflectors when needed. But I do think that these young women will never think of modelling world the same since yesterday 😉 I know they must have been exhausted. I barely crawled in our outdoor spa last night 🙂 We had a great time! From dreamy and romantic, through simple and elegant to a damn sexy! But always, always powerful! I am so excited about the images  – can’t wait for Rachel to see them and then to show them to her boyfriend. Here is your teaser dear Rachel Hope you enjoy it. Love Kira Rachel Before

Elegant Collection of your 9 Portraits in a frame

I love this Collection! It is so elegant, so simple, it suits almost any modern décor. For this Collection I prefer to shoot against simple background –  white, grey or black – no furniture, nothing to destruct from the beautiful lines of your body and face. You can have boudoir images, glamour images or simple, elegant portraits as a set. This mystery Lady had our Discover Sensual You session. But if you like this look – you don’t have to book the whole Discover Sensual You session. You can simply book an Elegant Portrait session that takes much less time.  Find more information here. Don’t forget to scroll down 🙂   http://www.artphotobykira.com.au/portraits/ and here: http://www.artphotobykira.com.au/discover-sensual-you/ Call us to book your session on 02 96598444 Or email us at kira@artphotobykira.com.au

Discover Sensual You Lady Berni Album

Click here to see the whole album on YouTube Discover Sensual You Lady Berni Album on YouTube  Give us a call to book your portrait session or to organise a gift for somebody very special on: 02 96598444 Or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au I would love to chat with you. Kira

Discover Sensual You Lady Berni Album

A beautiful collection of sensual, glamour and boudoir portraits taken at Discover Sensual You photography session at Art Photography by Kira. With a few pages missing, that are only for her husband’s eyes, – this is Lady Berni’s stunning album. Check the beautiful album on YouTube here: Discover Sensual You Lady Berni Album Find more Discover Sensual You Images here: Discover Sensual You or here: Galleries Discover Sensual You Give us a call to book your session or to buy a gift for somebody very special on 02 96598444 or email us at kira@artphotobykira.com.au