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Boudoir and Glamour Photography Session

Why Boudoir Photography? I want to provide you with safe place to embrace your sensuality; to open up. I want to show you – we are all incredibly beautiful, no matter what  size, shape or age we are. Each of us has the Light. Each one of us. We just need to be reminded of that sometimes.   From the recent boudoir and glamour photography session.

Boudoir Photography at location

Boudoir Photography at location Using an environment no matter where you are is an important skill of glamour or boudoir photographer. You can assess available light, structures, windows, corners and challenge yourself to create something new, to get outside the box. I find that a video light is a great addition to my arsenal of gear and it helps me often in a dark room scenario without the need to use flash. Helps preserves the ambience and mystery of a darker room. Here are a few samples of what we achieved recently at one of the locations we travelled to with this gorgeous girl.

Boudoir, Boudoir, boudoir

Boudoir Photography. Sensual, Intimate, Thought provoking, Vulnerable – this is what Boudoir is for me. The Boudoir. An intimate Story of The Woman. A reveal of her Soul. The feeling of un-staged moments, that permanently freeze and record those memories in our minds. It is a Story about the Sensual Soul of The Woman.