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60 is the new 40

Mature glamour and boudoir photography. Recently I was photographing a lot of glamour and boudoir photography sessions with mature women. Excited, encouraged, hopeful…  Very hopeful as a woman who is going to hit 50 in a couple of months đŸ˜‰ And really rewarding as a photographer – this is how I felt. And…. so so happy to be doing what I do and to be able to attract such beautiful souls. And to help them record their Beauty forever. These are some of the photos from those sessions where the age is from 57 to 62. I was allowed, even encouraged to mention their age. FOR ALL OUR SAKES

Boudoir photography testimonial

Beautiful boudoir photography testimonial A beautiful woman and a gentle soul – this lady was through hell, but not only she didn’t lose her lovely spirit and smile, but she is full of love for others. What a privilege it was for me to meet her when she booked for glamour and boudoir photography session. This is the testimonial she left on facebook.  

Sensual boudoir photography

Sensual boudoir photography Beautiful, provocative, innocent, subtle, elegant, classy, often just very simple –  sensual boudoir photography. Projecting your soul, your inner-beauty. This is the intimate, fragile and absolutely beautiful part of portrait photography.    

Vintage Boudoir

Vintage feel boudoir photography I was always inspired by Monica Bellucci and amazing black and white photography of her. There is something about black and white photography that makes it feel timeless… The story-telling aspect of it, the the lack of business, perfect focus on what is important for a viewer to look at.