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Boudoir photography St Ives

boudoir photography in St Ives, North Shore So happy to be shooting in my new, light-filled studio in St Ives, North Shore. We are only a few weeks here, and I am still experimenting with new possibilities, new corners, new set-ups, but shooting portrait and boudoir photography was never more enjoyable, than in this gorgeous environment.  And birds are singing along while we are creating magic. My best boudoir photography yet :>)

Boudoir photography North Shore

Boudoir photography North Shore Today is my first boudoir photography shoot in our new studio in St Ives, North Shore. I am soooo excited to see how my new set-up and props work in my new beautiful studio. So many new ideas, set-ups and opportunities. These are a few from one of the recent boudoir sessions in the old studio 😉 

Posing curves. Portrait and boudoir photography workshop

Posing curves. Portrait and boudoir photography workshop. Last Saturday, we ran a portrait and boudoir photography workshop  – posing curves workshop. Where I was teaching photography students to pose curves for all types of photography – portrait, glamour or boudoir photography. Genre doesn’t really matter as the rules for posing women and especially – posing curves; are the same for all genres. Heat was unbearable – we all congregated in the studio where our air-con was barely coping. Placed a few fans around us and our brave model. Guess what?Our smart old cat learned very fast the best spot to survive the heat is right in front of the fan! So here she is – posing almost in every shot I was taking. LOL Here are a couple of Behind the scenes images from that day. 

Boudoir photography for stunning 55+

Boudoir photography for stunning 55+ Who said that at some age we need to stop feeling beautiful, feeling desirable? Feeling sexy? Who said – boudoir photography is only for young women? What is boudoir? Or rather – What is boudoir for me? It is a celebration of everything about You – your hopes, dreams, fantasies, your insecurities and vanity, your sadness, tears and disappointment. Your vulnerability. It’s an Intimate Message from your Beautiful Soul in a sensual, storytelling way. I want every woman to discover how glamorous and sensual she is; to be a seductress or the girl next door; a Queen or a dancer; cheeky or stay still in anticipation. And there is no age limit to this beautiful discovery of Your Soul.