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Boudoir, Boudoir, boudoir

Boudoir Photography. Sensual, Intimate, Thought provoking, Vulnerable – this is what Boudoir is for me. The Boudoir. An intimate Story of The Woman. A reveal of her Soul. The feeling of un-staged moments, that permanently freeze and record those memories in our minds. It is a Story about the Sensual Soul of The Woman.  

Grace and Beauty

Boudoir Glamour session with beautiful lady D The celebration of beauty, womanhood. It is exciting, it is uplifting and empowering.  I believe that every woman deserves that experience… in the unique way that fits her personality, her grace, her “mood”. Magnificent lady D – loved shooting this beautiful woman. Here are a couple of teasers from the session.

A gift for fiancée

Boudoir photography for her future husband. Beautiful G is getting married in a couple of weeks and what is the better gift to her future husband than an album with a selection of  sensual, sexy, gorgeous images of herself. J is one lucky man, having a treat of his life. That album will last for generations to come, reminding them about this beautiful time that can never be repeated. About being in love. Here are only a few teasers. Watch this space – more to come after the gift is revealed.