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O News

TGIF! Welcome to the first “O News” for 2011 I have to keep reminding myself that what I do every day is well….. Work? Sure, we have our nuts days, days where NOTHING goes right. But I LOVE every second of it. Ner Ner Na Ner Ner! I got to meet Jessica Rabbit this week. DAMN! This woman has curves for days! I thought I was in love with Kim Kardashian…… I have a new Love S.O {HEART} J.R TL4E It turned out, our lovely lady coming in for her “Discover Sensual You” experience wanting the 1920’s look, This dress got tried on and my mind instantly started racing! JESSICA RABBIT JESSICA RABBIT JESSICA RABBIT! Then whaddya know we had the PERFECT wig for it character. Not to mention…… Daymn she had the curves for the character. Did she pull it off or what!?! I can not what to see the magic Kira does with this shoot. ALOT of magic happened yesterday. I stole this lil piccie of her to make a funny lil DVD cover for a preview of the shoot. Happy Weekend ^_^ Ex Oh SammyO

Overcoming fear of directing

                                                  Overcoming your fear of directing   Last time you have read my tips on posing voluptuous women. Let’s continue with a few tips on “Overcoming your fear of directing” 🙂 Many times I hear photographers saying – ” I am a photo-journalist, I won’t intrude on your day – I will record you day as it is; I am not going to make you pose and so on and so forth… And then – I check their photos and those are just…. let’s say – ordinary…to say the least”. Don’t take me wrong – I know plenty of “photo-journalist photographers with a great eye and a beautiful imaginary. If you look at majority of my Awards – those are photo-journalistic images. So I am all for being able to observe and see. But there is huge difference between Being a Photo-Journalist and calling yourself one due to inability to direct and pose people. Therefore hiding behind the “Title” – “A Photo-journalist” I will try to help you with some tips. You don’t have to do it the way I suggest. But even if you find that you are hating the way I suggest you do it – it is still a great result as thinking and analysing what you do and don’t like; how to do things that you are comfortable doing will help you on your way to be a great photographer. Tell me – how many of you don’t feel comfortable directing people? Do you think – I just can’t tell people what to do, or I don’t want to appear too bossy or that will be too rude or I am much better at just being a fly on the wall… or that is not for me, I am just not that type of person… How many? A lot…Maybe you just don’t know how to start.. That is all… The answer is simple actually, but requires some work and preparation. And that is – planning, planning and more planning. Planning ahead, planning in advance. Scout the location that you will be shooting at, think of poses in advance, think of situations that would lead to particular poses. Think of poses in that location. Notice the light that will be at the time of your shoot, which way the sun will be, what sorts of background are there, if there are different levels of the ground nearby to take advantage of…research the poses that you like and think it through how to make it happen. But to imagine it right – you need to know how the couple looks, what sort of clothes they will be wearing, what style of hair, if the bride will have a veil, high-heel shoes? If she is taller than her fiancée; if she is very little, if she is a voluptuous girl, if she is being vain about being a voluptuous girl or she is down to earth, easy-going person who is proud of her curves? But what if the couple booked you online or on the phone and you don’t get to see them before the wedding? Ask them to email you their photos, individual and together if they have some – that will give you a better idea of how they will look together, of their heights and body shapes in comparing to each other. Ask of the photos of her dress so you can see the challenges or opportunities that dress will present on a day. You will see, for example that there is no way bride could sit in that dress without looking much bigger than she is or without looking too stiff and posed. You would know that as soon as voluptuous woman who has been brutally pushed into her corset try to sit in her bare-shoulders dress –demonstrate. Suddenly she will have a double-chin, folders of skin above the dress, breast looking much bigger that in reality and so on…. Looking at their photos will also help you decide if you need to bring some props – like a veil or scarf to cover her arms if she is not having it. Ask her about her shoes – she might have high heels that probably will make her very uncomfortable when they start digging into the ground of your magical location. Advise her to take alternatives with her that will also help her feet relax. Trust me – bride in pain and they often are as the shoes are new, tight and they have been on their feet for the whole day – is not a cooperative bride. Prevent a Bridezilla moment from happening. It is in your power. Have water, have a fan, warm clothes, umbrellas – anything and everything you can think of that will help avoid an irritated, tired, hot or freezing to death woman. That includes her bridesmaids. Planning, planning, planning. Ask them how do they feel being in front of the camera, of their previous experiences – being it bad or good. Note it all. Ask about what they like doing – knowledge of their favourite playtime will help you on the day creating much more relaxed poses. Ask them what they like doing separately and together. If they love to dance… because if you know that guess what… yes, right – you will ask them to dance J, if they like music, of they can sing, if they like walking along the beach barefoot together because guess what are you going to suggest for a location if you know that? Ask if they love kids, know about if they have kids in bridal party or as guests? Playing with kids relax some people and distract them from being focused on being in front of a camera. You need to know about him loving to play rough with his mates, playing a soccer or a guitar. As one of the things you might suggest to the boys is to kick a ball a bit. So know as much as you can about them and visualise, visualise. Do the homework. Ask them if they would like to see themselves in a particular location, pose or mood. If they can bring or email you images where they like the pose, the light, the location. Talk to them about the ways of achieving this in advance… Make them invest emotionally in creating the look and feel they want, spend time researching… when people invest – they will be more cooperative in achieving those results on a day. Plan to use lens with a very shallow depth of field – will help you create a more intimate look, hide some imperfections of a background. Another way of overcoming fear of directing – show them. Be playful, grab your assistant and demonstrate the pose. That is also why I wouldn’t do without an assistant. Not only because your assistant can drive, light, calculate, feed you, massage you and even shoot sometimes. Mine is a bride’s best bridesmaid on the day who runs to fix her dress, carries stuff, helps bride up and helps her down and who also is being a victim of my demonstration skills. That is why I married my David. I needed to keep a good assistant all the time. Plus it was cheaper to marry him than to pay him. But that is beyond the scope of this post 😉 Enjoy these tips. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and Happy Shooting everyone! P.S. Ask about our workshops if you are interested to learn more and practice 🙂 Otherwise wait for more tips on this blog Love Kira

SammyO Stripped

When you decide to get nude photos done you do your homework! You want to be comfortable. You want to be given the freedom to go at your own pace. You don’t want to be treated like a number. I am NOT a model. My body is NOT something you would see in a magazine (unless it was a pre-op photo of a tummy tuck!)  I have lumps and bumps, scars & curves galore. For my 25th birthday, I celebrated QUITTING my 15 years of Yo-Yo dieting! I also did this to try and see, if what I am trying to sell ladies…. well…… (Don’t fire me Kira) is true. I’m not going to lie; this was extremely hard for me to actually do! I have had a hate/hate relationship with my body for as long as I can remember. I won’t even swim in a full piece swim suit because I need a sarong or board shorts. So how on earth was I going to strip down RAW strip down naked and publicly put this photo out there? In fear of what my ex love would think? In fear of what my evil sister in law would say? In fear of my husband being embarrassed his heffa wife wants to be photographed nude! Not only that but publicly share the images?!?! Yesterday I turned 25. I quit trying to be anyone else but who I am a few years ago. But this cements it. I used to say “I don’t care what anyone thinks” but that was the biggest lie. I care to much! I always have. I would take everything to heart. I have been learning how to love myself. Working at Art Photography by Kira has boosted my confidence so much. I am Beautiful. Just as I am. Yes, I want to lose weight. But I am beautiful. Just as I am. I am lucky enough to have a husband who met me skinny and has kept his rose coloured glasses on as I have yo-yoed up and down throughout the years. Ryan and I are completely different people, I am fire and he is a calm ocean. Myself–with all my wild ideas, fast talking ways, and flailing of arms to tell a story–was deeply in love with a man whose patience, calm, and strength made him an anchor in my life. I call Ryan my anchor because we met at time when life’s winds were gusting around me so strong and I tried to hold on, but to what? To whom? And then he walked in the room. Ash covered fire brigade pants and a black bonds singlet, motorbike helmet and jacket in arms. Sold. In love. He was mine and I would do whatever I had to do to get him. I found him so sexy and am so repulsed by the sight of my own body I had to find my mojo. I had to find a lil love for myself!  Just a lil. I have worked here for 2ish months now. I have learned allot about women and their body image of themselves. I stripped off today. I stripped down raw! {Yes I kind of made hubby spray tan me last night for an extra boost of confidence} when I took off my clothes in front of the mirror {in my work place :O } I freaked out a little! But then I put on my birthday present, a brand spanking new pair of Christian Louboutin Daffodil shoes and I was Kim Kardashian! I was HOT! Having worked with Kira before I know this woman knows what she is doing! When I shoot with her, I surrender myself to her and trust in what she is doing. When the robe came off surprisingly I felt powerful. I was nervous to the end result and if there would be anything I would like. But I was having fun. I enjoyed the ride. The result? Well, I AM FREAKING HOT! Curves and all. I am perfect, however I come. I am perfect, curves saggy belly and all! But feel free to judge for yourself. Would I do it again? Hell yeah! I had a blast. It has cemented in my mind what I am doing here. Ex Oh Ex Oh SammyO HAHA besides doing this blog on work time {SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh} I was not paid for this, and every single word is true and written by me haha

Kira’s russian salad

Due to a huge demand – I am publishing my recipe of a Kira/Russian Salad. Images of the most crucial ingredients will follow ( for mayo and for pickles) “Ok, here we go. Proportions of mayonnaise; pickles; salt; pepper; type of chicken or meat (if any) may vary, depending on my mood; time of day; availability of particular product; who is coming (I would consider if people are used to eat adventurously, age, eating habits and general health issues), if I like those guests – :), if I want them to come back or if it is my “ex-mother-in-law” :). Well – you get the drift :)” ‎1. To boil: potatoes (6-10), carrots (2-4) until soft. When cooled down – should be peeled and cut as per traditional potato salad, only finer. 2. 6-8 hard boiled eggs or up to your taste3. finely chop onions (4-6) Can be any sort of onions, depending on the sort you like.4. Shallots – optional. I prefer to have them. When I do – amount of onions can be decreased or eliminated completely.5. Apple or two – optional. Introduced by me. I like to have them.Chicken. Can be breast fillets – grilled (the healthiest option and preferred one by me at the moment – ); baked; fried; cooked at home or bought already made at the shop. No skin please. Unless you really, REALLY don’t like your guests. Or boiled beef. Or Berlina (like a Devon, only better). Or increase amount of boiled eggs. Cut or sliced (whatever is more appropriate to say in English – ). Or forget the meat and put … tuna out of a can…Proportions vary … as stated previously 6. Pickles – I prefer “Eskal Dill Pickles”, but it can vary, depending on your taste – chopped. Half or whole can or more…., depending …..as stated previously 7. Sometime I put fresh cucumbers. Take it or leave it. It depends… as you already know…..hahahaha8. Can of green pears9. Whole Egg Mayonnaise – definitely, – definitely amount of that Magic product will make it or break it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add it carefully and taste, taste, taste while adding!!!!!!!!!!! Again – please, PLEASE, PLEASE remember WHO IS COMING to your party – DO YOU WNAT THEM TO COME BACK?!?!?!10. Add salt and pepper to your taste. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything… oh well – Oh well – dementia might be taking its course already