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Our studio is shaping up!

Our studio is shaping up! Have a look at our gorgeous furniture for our Discover Sensual YOUshoots! And it is not even fully done yet! YAY! I feel like a Queen! Girls – let’s play! Book now for our Sensual September promotion on (02) 96598444 or email us at sammyo@artphotobykira.com.au!        

Our new Period furniture has arrived! YAY!

Our new Period furniture for “Discover Sensual YOU” has arrived! YAY! At last! Can’t wait to start shooting with new props! Cats are excited too! 🙂 New toys! More things to scratch! Double-YAY!  So many things arrived! 🙂  So much to unpack 🙁  Things that women are capable of doing! Strength that appears from nowhere when you have a relationship with a post-man!  Alisa cat is happy with new toys! maybe too happy? Hmmm What sort of work is that when a staff-member enojoys the time that much?

So, What do we do here at Discover Sensual You?

Discover Sensual You at Art Photo by Kira Celebrate everything about YOU – your hopes, dreams and fantasies, your insecurities and vanity, your sadness, tears and disappointment. Discover how glamorous and sensual you are; play a role, be a seductress, be a Queen or a dancer, cheeky or stay still in anticipation. Let’s play! It is a girl’s day out where you will be pampered, played music to, have a Glamour Make-up and Hair done to fit the image you want to portray, try on an amazing clothes, lingerie, costumes, amazing props that we have. If you are recently married – what a gorgeous gift to your husband, if you think – you are married for far too long and your husband only sees you in a dressing gown – what a great way to spark the passion again! 🙂  If you just broke up with your boyfriend – there is nothing better than to show him what he has lost – but even more important – prove to yourself how gorgeous you are! This day will give you a boost of confidence, hopes and playfulness that were always simmering inside you, just being hidden from some people, possibly even you. 🙂 It is a great idea to bring your girlfriends for encouragement, laughter and support and to play together! Let’s play! See you soon! See our “Before” and “After” Angie  Kalee  Naz  Gabi  Sammy Sally Follow us on Facebook here: Discover Sensual YOU on facebook Call us to book on 02 96598444 Ex Oh Ex OhSammyO  

Sensual September

To kiss good morning to the first day of spring we have a fabulous offer Shake off the cobwebs of winter Start waxing more often (come on admit it, we all get a lil lazy there in winter) Let the sun shine on down on our SPF30+ covered bodies Come and Re-Discover Sensual You The amazing offer we have for you is a FULL “Discover Sensual You” experience. With hair styling, a full glamour makeover including individual eyelashes. Three wardrobe changes for three completely different looks. We have lots of amazing studio props, costumes, lingerie, wigs, shoes & jewellery to play with ♥ we recommend booking a date night after your experience, we can’t help how gorgeous you are going to look and how confident you are going to feel! We have an extra special deal if you book a ladies day for four! Bring three girlfriends along with you and spend an amazing fun day filled with being pampered and treated like a goddess. ONLY $750 For the FOUR Full Discover Sensual You experiences. This is a total savings of $1450! Trying my best not to sound like the guy on t.v selling steak knives! “But wait there’s more” {in my most sarcastic selling voice} We do have an exclusive bonus for the group bookings. For SENSUAL SEPTEMBER ONLY! We will email you an image to use online, perhaps as your profile picture on facebook to show that loser ex what beyonce’s new single points out “I’ll always be the best thing you’ll never have” Or to show off just how gorgeous you really are to your friends. We do have limited places and bookings are essential! Contact us now on 02)9659 8444 or email me sammyo@artphotobykira.com.auEx Oh Ex OhSammyO