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Discover Sensual You Lady Berni Album

Click here to see the whole album on YouTube Discover Sensual You Lady Berni Album on YouTube  Give us a call to book your portrait session or to organise a gift for somebody very special on: 02 96598444 Or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au I would love to chat with you. Kira

Discover Sensual YOU Story of Myra

Hi Beautiful Kira! Yes, this definitely was an enjoyable day, being with you, David, and Tina! Food was delish, company very stimulating and refreshing, and your hospitality is right up there with the best of them! We had a blast! I k…now it took mere milliseconds for me to feel right at home in your beautiful abode! Such a welcoming place! My first and foremost priority was to make Natalie feel special and pampered because she is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is such a great friend! She looked absolutely stunning! Just wish I were there to see the outdoor shoot, she looked gorgeous in preparation! But hey! Every look she had chosen with you was absolutely breathtaking! Mission accomplished, in my books! :o) So I thank you very much for that! Now the surprise gift – the fact that you created the space for me and made me see a side that I had never seen before is – WOW – an extremely precious prize that I didn’t expect, and am totally grateful for! You are an awesome and creative artist Lady Kira, David a very wonderful host, chef and assistant (LOL) extraordinaire, and Tina a beautiful and talented expert! How you managed to make me look so stunning still makes me laugh out loud! I wonder if I look as good on the pages as good as I felt today? I can’t wait to see the results of today! I know, I know. The shots I saw were gorgeous, so the finished product will be excellent! But, no rush – make sure you take some time out too! You deserve it! By the way – we both got home safely, and happily! Love, Myra Santrac

My “Discover Sensual You” Story

Please read an amazing story of our recent “Discover Sensual YOU” client – lovely Kathryn. She had a full day Discover Sensual YOU Experience at our studio. See her “Before and After” Kathryn My “Discover Sensual You” StoryIt all started when I one Sunday afternoon after a long day at work, I was sitting at home, and on Facebook I saw that Kira was starting a new product called “Discover Sensual You”, for a few weeks, I stalked around watching pictures appear, of these fabulous women, and it got me thinking that I have never really had the chance to feel sexy, really girly sexy myself. After mulling it over for a while, I decided to book a session for myself, because I wanted to not only feel sexy, but prove to myself that I am beautiful and that maybe I have been bit too hard on judging myself, and maybe just maybe create a turning point to make peace with my body. I know that sounds kind of dramatic, but after years of having a love hate relationship with my body it was time for a change.I arrived at Kira’s studio without make-up and with butterflies in my tummy. I had a sudden wave of nerves wanted to turn around and go home. But when I entered the studio I was greeted like an old friend and instantly I was comfortable, sharing my day with me was the wonderful David Knight;the mover of furniture, lens holder, smoke machine operator, chef extraordinaire, pillar of support and of course Kira’s husband, and Tini Cicolini owner of Gloss Girl my wonderful hair and make-up artist. By now I was just dying to see what I would be wearing, I was whisked up stairs and before me lay the collections of outfits that I would be wearing, it was hard for me to imagine myself in the outfits, since I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. While Tina my Make-up and Hair stylist for the day went to prepare for my make over, Kira asked me something that made me want to jump up and down screaming “how do you feel about being in the water” I was so excited I had seen some of Kira’s images taken in water, and words cannot describe how breathtakingly stunning they are. From here it was over to Tina, for the first part of my transformation, I was having a blast already!, as Tina worked away, giving me wonderful tips along the way, I could hear the sounds of Kira and David setting up the first set, and every now and then Kira would come in and exclaim how gorgeous I was. I was just dying to see what I looked like, but like a true artist Tina insisted that I must not look until she had completed her masterpiece. My hair and make-up was done, and I adored it! I would never have thought I would love the look of intense dark shadow and eyelashes, but man I looked so HOT! I don’t even know if Alex would recognize me like this. Now it was time for my outfits and photos and here come the butterflies again… “The Regal Lady”, First came the corset with lace and a stunning heavy gold pattern, it was stunning, then a hoop and tulle, I had a look in the mirror and felt like a ballerina, grabbing the tulle I had a little twirl, I was so happy. Then came the layers of gold and deep blue fabrics to make a gorgeous full skirt when I saw the first finished product I was in awe, I turned and said “I look like Barbie”, I was instantly taken back to my childhood, (dressing my dolls up to go to the supermarket with Ken in a ball gown). Now it was off to the first set, Set up on the landing in front to the open window was the regal chaise lounge. “Sexy in the Garden” This was my second look of the day a stunning Blue and Gold Corset with cute black bows, shear black tulle skirt, lace top stockings and sexy heels. This was the hardest part of the day, as the sun had come out and it was now hot and bright. The deck was set with an oversized lounge covered with pillows and shear curtains, this is where I was thinking of those scenes in movies that we all imagine ourselves in, my favorite was offering my neck to my vampire, lots of fun as Alex had taken me to see breaking dawn the day before. With a break for lunch, thanks to David for the yummy salad and putting up with the long list of things that I can’t eat, it’s never easy to feed me :D“The Sexy Starlet” Now it was time for what I call the photos for Alex, black lace panties, a black feather robe, black heels, and red, red lips, I felt amazing in this outfit and felt that this is where I let go, and felt proud of my body, lounging on a chair, on the verandah, cheekily hanging on the door frame, but it was when I moved to the bed I court a glimpse of myself in the mirror and WOW! I have never felt so sexy. This amazing creature was staring back at me, with a look of confidence in her eyes, sparkling with joy, I felt so beautiful and sexy. “The Pool” This was such an amazing experience, floating across the water wrapped in silver tulle with my hair streaming behind me, this was the most liberating experience of my day, seeing Kira’s reaction to these shots and been given a quick teaser look at them was quite emotional, and it has left me will a feeling of privilege to have had the opportunity to have Kira capture me in this way.Kira is an amazing photographer with a true gift to be able to capture people in the way that she does, I was with Kira for an entire day and throughout my day Kira was so supportive, encouraging, and full of energy, which made the whole experience amazing. I will always remember my “Discover Sensual You” shoot as the turning point in my life when I realized that I am beautiful. Ladies, who are considering a “Discover Sensual You” shoot, should just GO FOR IT! It will help you to find your inner and outer beauty; every woman deserves to feel amazing and to truly appreciate everything about herself and her body. All my love

Art Photography by kira sets and backgrounds

To help you achieve the look you want – our photographic studio has a range of different set-ups and backgrounds. It gives our client a huge advantage in being able to create so many different looks in one spot. No need to travel all over Sydney to find different places to match your vision.If you want a beautiful period, regal feel and look – we have sets for that. No need to pay fees to get into places that have that look.You want a European field look and feel – we have a set with a pond a high grass for that. You want to create gorgeous images in water – we have a pool for winter and a spa for summer. Or sexy undercover spa. Want to create boudoir shots – create them in a luxurious set with silk sheets and beautiful dimmed lights. Felling romantic – we have a beautiful French country white room/set with gorgeous old mirror, bed and other pieces of French furniture to add to your experience. You want an Arabian nights look, a “Jasmine” look – we have built an amazing set outside with a huge day-bed, canapé, gorgeous flowing curtains, old lamps, old light and chimney. Grand fire-place, gorgeous regal staircase with wood finish, chandeliers, bamboo fences, garden with flowers, rows of trees or iron fancy door/gates – everything is here for you to create any look you want; any image you can imagine. Have a look at the examples of what can be created in our studio: Click on the link to see images Art Photography by kira sets and backgrounds