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May 2017

Boudoir photography North Shore, St Ives

Boudoir photography North Shore, St Ives Amazing new sets, new lights – I am so enjoying shooting in our new studio in St Ives, North Shore. Portrait photography or boudoir photography – doesn’t really matter as long as it evokes a beautiful, emotional feeling of a vulnerable soul talking to you…

Vintage portrait photography North Shore

Vintage portrait photography North Shore Celebrating a friendship of almost 60 years – these lovely women came for a photo-shoot to spend the whole day in our studio, creating memories together. The brief was – nothing boring ;>), Period, Fantasy, Old Hollywood, Vintage portrait photography. And…I got to try my new wonderful “Vanity fair” set for creating beautiful, nostalgic, opulent portraits. I am now looking forward to celebrate 25 years of friendship with my friend. These two were so inspiring! I am a believer now – Life only starts at 64. 🙂 Here are your teasers. Hope you enjoy! Love to you both  

Portrait photography North Shore

Portrait photography North Shore Mother’s Day is almost here. If you are still searching for a meaningful, beautiful present for your Mum – there is nothing more treasured than her moments spent with her loved ones, recorded.  Get your Mum a voucher for a portrait photography session with her children, maybe even as a 3 or 4 Generation session or Individual portrait photography session. There is nothing more important for your Mum as to have her memories reordered of you and with you. Now.  There will be nothing more important for You as to have those memories recorded for years to come. Book your favourite portrait photographer or let Art Photography by Kira, your local portrait photography North Shore studio record those memories for you. Email or call us today. Love to all. Kira.  

Natural portrait photography North Shore

Natural portrait photography North Shore Beautiful, natural, modern or vintage portrait photography in our new studio gardens in St Ives, North Shore. You can pick a lovely outfit from our extensive wardrobe. So no need to worry about what to wear. :>) Now is one of the most beautiful times of the year – autumn colour everywhere. Book your session and lets create yours and your loved ones portraits together.