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February 2017

Wedding and portrait photography

Wedding and portrait photography. As you may know – I rarely shoot weddings these days, but when I do – I am reminded again how much love and tenderness I am witnessing. I am wrapped in it. And it is still portrait photography, just with a beautiful, romantic twist ;>) From the last wedding I photographed. Here are just a few highlights. Will post a few more soon.    

Posing curves. Portrait and boudoir photography workshop

Posing curves. Portrait and boudoir photography workshop. Last Saturday, we ran a portrait and boudoir photography workshop  – posing curves workshop. Where I was teaching photography students to pose curves for all types of photography – portrait, glamour or boudoir photography. Genre doesn’t really matter as the rules for posing women and especially – posing curves; are the same for all genres. Heat was unbearable – we all congregated in the studio where our air-con was barely coping. Placed a few fans around us and our brave model. Guess what?Our smart old cat learned very fast the best spot to survive the heat is right in front of the fan! So here she is – posing almost in every shot I was taking. LOL Here are a couple of Behind the scenes images from that day. 

Art portrait photography

Art portrait photography She is a Vision. Elegant and glorious. Create a beautiful art portrait for yourself. Put it on the wall. Let it remind you how unique, how beautiful YOU are. Find the best portrait photographer for you and book your portrait photography session. If you love what I do – call me and lets plan YOUR vision together.  

Portrait photography

Portrait photography Put your family portraits, your portraits on the wall. Don’t delay. They will welcome you as soon as you come through the door. They will make you smile. They will make your heart sing. Book your portrait photography session now.