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December 2016

Award-winning portrait photography.

Awards from London. Award-winning portrait photography. Wanted to share with you a few of my award-winning images from London.  All were for portrait photography with some focusing on boudoir photography and glamour photography that I love to shoot. So happy with them. So happy that I have remembered to put some images into competition. (Being so busy – I keep forgetting to do it). It is good for your soul and keeps you in the game, competing with the best out of the best in the world. :>) I would encourage any of you who considers themselves to be a photographer to compete; to lift your game; to check your skills against the best in industry. And… polish them if necessary.       

Art portrait photography. Maternity

Art portrait photography. Maternity We are waiting little one. So much love… So much light… Maternity portrait photography doesn’t have to be boring or cliche. Make sure you record those special, fleeting moments you will treasure forever, no matter what happens in your life. 

Boudoir photography for stunning 55+

Boudoir photography for stunning 55+ Who said that at some age we need to stop feeling beautiful, feeling desirable? Feeling sexy? Who said – boudoir photography is only for young women? What is boudoir? Or rather – What is boudoir for me? It is a celebration of everything about You – your hopes, dreams, fantasies, your insecurities and vanity, your sadness, tears and disappointment. Your vulnerability. It’s an Intimate Message from your Beautiful Soul in a sensual, storytelling way. I want every woman to discover how glamorous and sensual she is; to be a seductress or the girl next door; a Queen or a dancer; cheeky or stay still in anticipation. And there is no age limit to this beautiful discovery of Your Soul.

Portrait photographer Sydney.

Portrait photographer Sydney. Do you know who is your favourite portrait photographer? Have you ever even considered that portrait photography can be for you? For your family? For your children? From current portrait photography session with beautiful A. One girl – so many looks! And first two are my absolute favourites from her portrait photography session. I would love to create something magnificent for You and with YOU Before