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November 2016

Art portrait photography

Art portrait photography. My favourite art portraits. People are asking me what are my favourite portraits all the time. So here I wanted to post a few of my most favourite art portrait photography from last year. Lets create Your art portraits of Your loved ones together. Lets put them on the wall to treasure forever. Love to all.     

Portrait photography. Teenagers.

Portrait photography. Teenagers.  Sometimes classical, simple portrait of your teenager is the best. And it is not the easiest task to make them sit quietly and just look at you.  But when you do – magic happens and you see your child’s eyes. In all beauty. Your kids portraits. Forever. Find portrait photographer that you trust and make it happen.

Magical portrait photography and family photography

Magical portrait photography and family photography.  There is just not enough Magic in the world. I want more of this! Magical portrait photography and especially magical family and child photography is what makes my heart smile! Find your favourite family photographer who can create magic and book your family photography session! Don’t delay! Put some Magic of your loved ones on the walls of your home for this Christmas! 

One client – many looks. Glamour and boudoir photography.

One client –  many looks. Glamour and boudoir photography. It happens often that my clients want to try a few different looks, a few different moods and styles. We shoot a mixture of glamour photography and boudoir photography in our session. Sometimes we add natural portraiture as well.All depends on how much time we have for the shoot and how many portraits do you want out of the session. Anything is possible. All the props, sets, dresses, lingerie, jewellery, shoes are  available for you to experiment in our studio. Find your favourite boudoir and  glamour photographer and play! Have fun! Have the best time of your life!