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October 2016

Glamour photography in Dubrovnik

Glamour photography in Dubrovnik, Croatia. While being on our magnificent holidays overseas I had the pleasure of photographing at night in Old Dubrovnik, Croatia¬†these magnificent girls. Creating glamour photography on location. ;>) Not much gear with us as we were travelling light, but at least we had a video light to be able to through some light on the girls. No tripod. All handheld. :>) This is what I call – location shots! I want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Family photography

Family photography. Portrait photography. Father and daughter’s love. Taken at her 1st Birthday celebrations. This girl is a sunshine that warmed my heart. Forever. Make sure you call your favourite family photographer and get Your memories recorded.  

Portrait of my cousin

Portrait of my cousin. While overseas on Holidays – I photographed my cousin. Didn’t have much gear with me, the light was fading, I had no other additional light or a reflector. So I had to take her to the balcony where there was still some light and asked her to place her braid around her head. No makeup, no dressing up – it took us a couple of minutes before the light disappeared completely. So glad we did it.