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April 2016

Sensual Boudoir Photography

Sensual  boudoir photography I love story-telling type of images, when shooting boudoir photography. And often, black and white photography shines in story-telling images. A couple of teasers from the recent boudoir session. Window light or its imitation is a winner for me almost all the time!  

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography. Mums often want Magic from their kids portraits. It is something about us, women – never growing up from those magnificent fairytale stories that we were obsessed about when we were kids. And we found the solution in magical, enchanted child photography – huge part of a family photography in our studio! We wanted to be Princesses! We want our kids to be Princes and Princesses! We want our partners to be Kings and treat us as Queens! We want Fairies, we want Magic! And if we can’t get it from our husbands ;<)  – we, for sure, can get it from magical family photography and from enchanted child photography!

Award winning images for portrait photography and boudoir photography.

Award winning images for portrait photography and boudoir photography. I need to do it more often! Need not to forget and put my images in competition, even if I don’t have time to make them “Perfect” :>) You never know what might happen. :>) Got Gold and two Highly Commended Awards for portrait photography category and boudoir photography category in SWPP – an International Society of Photographers. And that is for my routine client work as I didn’t have time to polish the images before I put them in. Pretty chuffed!