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November 2015

Glamour shot with beautiful friesian

glamour shot with beautiful friesian Magnificent gowns, beautiful girls, handsome young man and…. My dream horse –  Markus. Basically a glamour session photography with the most beautiful animal as main model. Absolutely into creating a glamour shot with girls, but completely scared of little waves LOL Stunning animal that we drove to shoot at Anna Bay or to be more precise –  the very north end of Stockton Beach. It had dunes and water combined. The light was harsh all day, but the sunset was beautiful. Sunset photos were the best. Couturier gowns by the talented and beautiful Tarese Klemens    

Recording the memories. Family photography

Recording the memories. Family photography. Memories of your family being together, memories of all of you laughing, playing, loving each other, feeling each other’s shoulder. Recording your life. Family photography – huge part of portrait photography – documenting the story of Your family. Get in touch with the family photographer you trust and organise your precious memories to be recorded. Don’t delay – don’t have regrets. Time is passing us by.

Boudoir photography testimonial

Beautiful boudoir photography testimonial A beautiful woman and a gentle soul – this lady was through hell, but not only she didn’t lose her lovely spirit and smile, but she is full of love for others. What a privilege it was for me to meet her when she booked for glamour and boudoir photography session. This is the testimonial she left on facebook.  

Glamour photography session

Glamour photography session Feeling beautiful is a MUST for all. Can you believe that this lady is 62? I certainly don’t. Her session was organised by her husband. (He wanted mostly boudoir, but we did some glamour as well). He also brought her to us (they drove 4 or 5 hours ) and then sat through the whole thing with her, encouraging, getting excited, giving her compliments. They are together since high-school. That makes it something like 45-47 years???????????? I’ll have what they are having! Read his testimonial below the Before and After image. Hi Kira & David; Pam & I would like to thank you for a great experience last Thursday. We arrived both nervous & excited not knowing what to expect. Didn’t know if I was expected to leave during the shoot or could stay & watch on. Turned out you were only too happy to have me stay & watch. It was great to sit down with you & David over a cup of coffee & talk about what we would like & you giving some suggestions.. We were delighted to have you select different outfits for Pam from your extensive collection. The thing I was fascinated with was your ability to coach & move Pam into the poses for the shots & give her confidence. The people that have seen the teaser shot on Facebook describe it in one word—— WOW. Sometimes stunning is mentioned. We would also like you to pass our thanks on to Angie. Her make up & hair design set the scene for a wonderful morning. Were looking forward to catching up with you in a couple of weeks when the photos are finished. I now know why you call the photo you gave us to put on Facebook as the TEASER.