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October 2015

Magical, Fantasy or Fairytale photography.

Magical, Fantasy or Fairytale photography. When enquiring about child or family photography a lot of parents are asking me if we need to go to that special location to create magical or fairytale images. No, not really. 🙂 Here is Before/After of an image, showing you we can create Magic anywhere, even when the hat is falling down and even when your child refuses to cooperate 🙂 They are adorable even when they are having a tantrum.  LOL Enchanted, fairytale photography  – what a blessing to be able to create it!

Just for a smile

Just for a smile Good morning all. From Sydney Australia 🙂 Just thought I will share a smile with you and show what I am up to this lovely morning.   This is me preparing for running a Webinar. Isn’t this what TV newsreaders do? 😉 Btw – my first Webinar for our Creative Photography Classes was a smashing success. Despite all my nerves. I was processing the image below in front of a global audience. LIVE. From RAW to Final. Creating enchanted photography. Showing how to create amazing photoshop effects With a few clicks. If you are a photographer and interested to know more about that Webinar The recording of it is now available. Check the details here. How to Photoshop Webinar      

Sensual boudoir photography

Sensual boudoir photography Beautiful, provocative, innocent, subtle, elegant, classy, often just very simple –  sensual boudoir photography. Projecting your soul, your inner-beauty. This is the intimate, fragile and absolutely beautiful part of portrait photography.    

Enchanted photography

enchanted photography I often have requests for magical, enchanted photography from young girls and from parents. But sometimes Magic needs a little help 🙂 Not always your wonderful, amazingly cute and charming kids will do and pose as you need them for this type of photography. Especially when they are active bunch of 3 or 4 :>) Those are the times when I look for wonderful expressions, magical moments and great light on the subject, knowing that I can help “Magic” to appear later in my post-production.