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September 2015

Beauty of pregnancy.

Beauty of pregnancy photography. Casual and intimate, full of love, expectation and  light – I absolutely adore shooting portrait photography in the back light. And pregnancy photography or family photography are no exceptions. I concentrate on a feeling, on a magic moment when two connect – may it be Mother and her child or, as in this case – all three of of them – a couple and their unborn child. Simplicity of the shot was the key here. Filled me with Love. Pregnancy photo shoot and I am all teary. I think I am ready to be a grandma 😉  

Art pregnancy photography

Art pregnancy photography Beautiful Leanne wanted to have an art piece that she would treasure forever on her wall. She booked a pregnancy photography session, making absolutely clear that she wasn’t after many images, but wanted a beautiful piece of Art on her wall. The beauty of an expecting Mother, anticipation, excitement;  waiting for future that changes your life – all of this I was hoping to reflect in this image – image with the flower. The one she picked to be a canvas.  

Enchanted photography in spring

Enchanted photography in spring Spring came and there are so many opportunities for creative photos everywhere; for fairy tale photography images with blooming trees and beautiful light. And with only a little help with a few photoshop techniques later, in post-production, to bring it all together – your best photographs can be created. This style – enchanted photography suits kids and young women, fits with maternity photography and family photography, wedding and couples. I love shooting in this style – makes me smile inside. Best photographs are created when we are smiling inside.  

Vintage Boudoir

Vintage feel boudoir photography I was always inspired by Monica Bellucci and amazing black and white photography of her. There is something about black and white photography that makes it feel timeless… The story-telling aspect of it, the the lack of business, perfect focus on what is important for a viewer to look at.