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August 2015

Magical Photography

Magical photography. In our studio magical photography or fantasy photography is very popular. Especially with teenage girls or younger women. Or for kids we often call it a fairytale photography or fairytale portraits which they absolutely love. Being a Princess or a Fairy for a day – what can be more magical? Dreams do come through in our studio 🙂  

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography session. Beautiful girl, talented designer. She wanted to have a mixture of fantasy photography, portrait photography and fashion photography as she was going to model her own creations for some of the images. Just want her images to talk for themselves.  

Amazing Grace. Portrait photography

Portrait photography for a beautiful teenager. I have met this girl at “Make-a-Wish Christmas in July” charity event where we were one of the sponsors and was absolutely moved by her story. She is a cancer survivor that put me to shame with my little problems like migraines or some other insignificant things. I had to shoot her as there was no way her family could afford something like this. She is one of the most beautiful souls I have met and I felt absolutely privileged to be able to give her something to play with, to dream about, to dress-up and to be a Princess. Sometimes It is good for our soul to forget that not everything has to be about business in our busy and hard lives and give back when we can. Best portrait photography happens when the soul sings. Magical photography.  

Vintage looking, natural portaits

Vintage Natural Portrait Photography I absolutely adore this type of images in portrait photography. I love creating art portraits that look like people are caught in the moment, wind is blowing through the hair, they have no care in the world. And I love, love, love creating a “vintage” look and feel so one can’t tell when was it shot. Of course – that is black and white photography. I love those vintage, antique, sepia colours. It could be yesterday, it could be 100 years ago.. Who knows? For me – along with the magical photography – this is the best photography I shoot. Love to all. Kira