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July 2015

Photographing curves

Photographing curves Photographing curves is one of the most rewarding experience a photographer can have. Nothing compares to that great feeling of re-establishing the confidence, the belief: Curvy girls are beautiful. No, not just beautiful, – absolutely, gob-smacking, stunningly gorgeous! Womanly Beauty. To be admired. To be envied. Period. Glamour photography, boudoir photography, art or natural portraits – knowing how to talk to the soul of the person and how to bring that soul out comes first. Then seeing the light and knowing how to pose, emphasising the best features. That makes for best portrait photography. We are all beautiful, no matter what size or shape we are. It starts with the Soul.  Love to all. Kira  

Magical, Vintage, Art Portrait Photography

Magical, vintage, art portrait photography Myura wanted to have a portrait photography done where we would have a mix of glamour photography, fashion photography and a bit of Art fantasy creative photography. Myura is a very talented young Indian clothes designer so we needed to photograph her portfolio as well. She did her own makeup and hair as she also is a makeup and hair artist at her Black Diamond Studio As one of the looks for her day, Myura loved the idea of one of the beautiful, vintage, bridal dresses that we have in our studio and wanted to have a glamour shot done in that dress. More images from that amazing portrait photography session later, but for now enjoy the teaser from that day.

Posing Curves

Posing curves. Right and wrong posing makes all the difference between your glamour photography or boudoir photography client being happy and loving herself in her photos or frustrated. How many of the portrait photographers are struggling with posing curves? I want to help you if I can. I am planning to create more cheat-sheets for posing curves for boudoir or glamour photography. Similar to this one. Click on the image to see it larger.        

glamour shots for beautiful singer

glamour photography on Dee Why beach Photographing gorgeous Belle Robinson – a talented singer and a stunning woman was a bliss. We are going to create a fusion for Belinda – a video music clip where it will be a combination of video and photographs. We gathered quite a team together – great video team from Redscope , lovely Nicole who did the make-up from Nicole Renee Make-up Design and went to Dee Why Beach. Sun, wind, birds, waves – everything was just perfect on that late autumn day.