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March 2015

Our new website is going LIVE

Our new website “Shooting Magic with Kira and Cheryl” going LIVE tomorrow! For those who are interested in photography and Photoshop. Our new educational website – Creative Photography Classes or Shooting Magic with Kira and Cheryl” is officially going LIVE tomorrow. But you get to be the among the first to see it. Click here to go to the new site!

Boudoir Photography at location

Boudoir Photography at location Using an environment no matter where you are is an important skill of glamour or boudoir photographer. You can assess available light, structures, windows, corners and challenge yourself to create something new, to get outside the box. I find that a video light is a great addition to my arsenal of gear and it helps me often in a dark room scenario without the need to use flash. Helps preserves the ambience and mystery of a darker room. Here are a few samples of what we achieved recently at one of the locations we travelled to with this gorgeous girl.

Our new educational website

Our new educational website is coming very soon You might have heard that we are about to go live with our new website “Creative Photography Classes” or “Shooting Magic with Kira and Cheryl” very soon 🙂 What do you think of our new logo? Isn’t it cute? 🙂 After many years of photographers asking me how I did this or that – we have put together and recorded comprehensive Video Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, Actions, Textures, Overlays and Posing Guides there and new product will be added every month. Magic, Magic, Magic all the way! Unfortunately our release date at the end of February couldn’t be achieved due to disagreements with the marketing company who were designing our website. We were relying upon completion dates they gave us, which turned out to be impossible. The good news is we have taken back control and have been making fantastic progress with the new site. We anticipate releasing mid March. You want to laugh? I am now almost a web expert LOL Here us a sneak preview of what is coming. And much more…