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December 2014

At Linda’s

Glamour fashion photography shoot with horses and dogs What a day it was! If you know me – you would know that I adore horses; I almost stop breathing when I see those beautiful creatures. Well, that day  was everything to almost stop breathing and more: horses, dogs, beautiful fairies, amazing dresses, stunning women, smiles and a lot of creativity from everybody involved. Huge thank you to everybody involved in that awesome day – Linda for opening to us your home and helping us with your animal kingdom and amazing generosity. Thank you to your friend – Lynne for all her help today; Tina from Gloss Girl for beautiful makeup and hair job, Lorraine for your amazing creations ( your pink dress was to die for) and help with the lighting; my gorgeous fairies Sophia and Gabi for being beautiful and very, very brave, dealing with the weather conditions and all the different animals – you were our little soldiers and of course, my husband David – for keeping us all intake, fed, protected and cared for and, not to forget, well lit.  Love to you all – my preciouses. A few teasers from the day.