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December 2014

Grace and Beauty

Boudoir Glamour session with beautiful lady D The celebration of beauty, womanhood. It is exciting, it is uplifting and empowering.  I believe that every woman deserves that experience… in the unique way that fits her personality, her grace, her “mood”. Magnificent lady D – loved shooting this beautiful woman. Here are a couple of teasers from the session.

Magnificent 16 Glamour shoot

Glamour, fantasy portrait photography for the beautiful 16yo I can’t believe how quickly the year passed and now we are shooting Amber’s sister, Chloe on her 16th. Different dresses, different looks, lighting scenarios and a fairy-tale. You name it – we had it all. So looking forward to working on all the images from that unbelievable session, but for now – a couple of teasers for gorgeous Chloe – one was a candid image taken during our lunch, another one shot as as a high-key image.