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October 2014

A bit of glamour needed

Glamour & boudoir photo shoot with gorgeous V. Everyone needs a bit of glamour once in a while. We want to be reminded we are worth it. We want to be pampered, spoiled and be the centre of attention for a change. 🙂 Let yourself be spoiled! Book a photo shoot with a photographer that you trust and dreamed to be photographed by! Don’t wait! It will never be the right time. The right time is now. Record yourself with your loved ones or for your loved ones. They will treasure those beautiful portraits of you 🙂 Love to all. Kira V had a whole day shoot with 4 changes from our wardrobe. Watch this space for more unbelievable photos from this shoot.

Period Rokoko inspired family shoot

Marie Antoinette inspired Period Family shoot It is quite elaborate, but extremely satisfying when I get to shoot Period Style for families. It’s a lot involved – picking up the theme, choosing the costumes, colours, hair that would suit the theme and everybody and, of course, entertaining, keeping busy, but not too tired, kids so they play their crucial role at the right time. And, of course, you need to be able to convince them to wear something different from what your sister or mother or brother will be wearing. LOL A lot of psychology involved, I must tell you. 🙂 You will see the first portrait is what we were aiming for. The second one, the little girls, was done later, outside, when we could all relax and just start playing.  

Magic Touch Tutorials

Magical glamour, boudoir and fantasy tutorials. As you might know we are in the process of creating tutorials for photographers who want to learn how I go from A to B in creating of my images –  from the idea to implementation. Here are only a few samples on what I am thinking of offering as a tutorial. Looking at these Before/After’s – would you like a tutorial on how it was done? Let me know We are also running one last in this year Intimate workshop in November,  the 10th and 11th. Only two more places available. Email us if interested. Love. Kira