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October 2013

Glamour and boudoir portrait photo session.

Elegant, sophisticated, gorgeous woman. This amazing, full of energy, humour and spirit beautiful woman came to our shoot yesterday, wanting to do something for herself. Oksana thought – all we could do with her is Glamour. I wanted to show her how beautiful she really is, without any need for a dress-up, glamour or playing a character. Just the way she is. Elegant, sophisticated, gorgeous woman. Of course we did  some glamour staff as well 😉 and I am very much looking forward to the next shoot with Oksana and her Mum which is promising to be spectacular 🙂 Watch this space or facebook pages to see more from this shoot. Great make-up and hair work by Sana    Before Book your own session. Spoil your loved one. Call us on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au 

Russian Kira’s salad recipe by a popular demand

Russian Salad by Kira I used to be a lot of things before I became a photographer 🙂 What many of you might now know about me as I used to be a good cook before I became a photographer. Actually I used to be a lot of things before I became a photographer 🙂 I cooked a lot and with a passion  then I became a photographer and everything else had to stop LOL Well, now and then I still get requests from my friends and clients  to let them know some of my recipes after hearing the stories about my colourful past 🙂 One of the most requested ones is my Russian Salad or, if you prefer, Russian Salad, my way 🙂 Images of the most crucial ingredients will follow ( for Mayo and for pickles)   “Ok, here we go. Proportions of mayonnaise; pickles; salt; pepper; type of chicken or meat (if any) may vary, depending on my mood; time of day; availability of particular product; who is coming (I would consider if people are used to eat adventurously or not; age; eating habits and general health issues);  if I like those guests :);  if I want them to come back or if it is my “ex-mother-in-law”.  Well – you get the drift.  🙂   ‎1. To boil: potatoes (6-10), carrots (2-4) until soft. When cooled down – should be peeled and cut/slised as per traditional potato salad, only finer, smaller cubes. 2. 6-8 hard boiled eggs or up to your taste 3. Finely chop onions (4-6) Can be any sort of onions, depending on the sort you like. 4. Shallots – optional. I prefer to have them. If I do – the amount of onions decreases or gets eliminated completely. 5. Apple or two – optional. Introduced by me. I like to have them. 🙂 6. Chicken. Can be breast fillets – grilled (the healthiest option and preferred one by me at the moment 🙂 ); baked; fried; cooked at home or bought already-made at the shop. No skin. Unless you really, REALLY don’t like your guests. 🙂 6. Or boiled beef. 6. Or Berlina (like Devon, only better). 6. Or increase the amount of boiled eggs. 6. Or forget the meat and put … canned tuna…Proportions vary … as stated previously 🙂 7. Pickles – I prefer “Eskal Dill Pickles”, but it can vary, depending on your taste – chopped. Half or whole can or more…., depending …..as stated previously 🙂 8. Sometimes I put fresh cucumbers. Take it or leave it. It depends… as you already know…  🙂 9. Can of green peas 10. Whole Egg Mayonnaise – definitely, – definitely the amount of that Magic product will make it or break it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add it carefully and taste, taste, taste while adding!!!!!!!!!!! Again – please, PLEASE, PLEASE remember WHO IS COMING to your party – DO YOU WANT THEM TO COME BACK?!?!?! 11. Add salt and pepper to your taste. 12. Dill to be put at the end for aroma. I love it. You don’t have to 🙂 I hope I haven’t forgotten anything… oh well – Oh well – dementia might be taking its course already   Please let me know if you like this recipe, if you try it – please let me know how did you go with it and how did you family/friends react? 😉 And…. if you want more recipes in the future. Love to all. Kira    

Sweet sixteen glamour portrait photoshoot

Glamour portrait photography shoot for a beautiful teenager. What a great present Amber’s Mum decided to give her – a glamour photography session in our studio and gardens; having different looks, trying dresses, props, wigs; creating Magic. Beautiful Amber was an absolute treasure – such a inspiration! Yes, sure, I was giving her a lot of direction, but she was able to listen and adapt almost immediately, making it impossible for me to finish the shoot. 🙂 I kept seeing images left and right and didn’t want to stop. Here are only a few teasers to give you a taste of what was created on that day. Watch this space for more Magic 🙂 from this amazing glamour photography portrait session. Beautiful make-up work by Tina from Gloss Girl   Before transformation – having hair and make-up done Book your own session for your daughter/s. Spoil your loved one. Call us on 02 96598444or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au