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July 2013

Family photography session in period style

Family Photography. Period Style. This photo shoot was a mixture of glamour and traditional portrait photography. Beautiful Zlata wanted to have a family portrait done in Period Style. So after the make-up and hair done by beautiful Christine from Delectable Me, I have styled all 3 girls; picking their beautiful dresses, corsets, draping material, choosing neck pieces, jewellery and shoes.  David started the fire, lit the candles, connected the lights and then it was on… Girls were amazing, the fire was inviting and we all had a ball. Here is a selection of the images from their shoot. Enjoy. Let us know if you like that style of family portraiture photography. family photography in period style Book your own session. Call us on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au            

Pregnancy Photography Session

Pregnancy photography shoot at Art Photography by Kira I am still surprised at how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday when I photographed this beautiful couple’s wedding. And now gorgeous Lil is 7.5 months pregnant. Can’t wait for our September shoot where I will see all three of them. It is an enormous privilege to be a witness and a recorder of people’s lives, of their “Circle of Life”, of those fleeting moments that can never be replayed. Enjoy your teaser dear Lil and Levi. All my love. Kira Book your own session. Call us on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au        

New Magic Portraits

Magic Portraits Dear friends, I need your help with a new concept. This is something that I am considering offering my clients. “Magic portraits”. Here are samples of what can be created. Is this something you would love to have done for your child?     We are thinking of offering a quick and easy sitting where shooting will only take 15 minutes per child so we can keep a low cost for the sitting. The sitting will include a choice of costumes for your kids. Please click on this link to fill out the survey. It will only take a minute of your time and will help us a lot. Thank you. Kira   Call us to book a session on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au             Some elements were created with stock images from: www.psdbox.com http://www.deviantart.com/  

Glamour Portrait Marathon in our studio

Glamour Portrait Photography Marathon in our studio, where 10 women were photographed in one hour What a marathon we had last Sunday in our studio! 10 women were photographed in one hour. I don’t remember working so fast ever!  🙂  The hardest part for me was to take only a couple of images of one person, & when only starting to get the taste of it; stop photographing her & start photographing another lovely lady. Normally I spend a couple of hours on getting to know a person, his or hers desires, fears,  fantasies & insecurities before I start shooting. Also we generally have a professional make-up & hair artist working with us, making our women feeling pampered & taken care of.  We didn’t have that luxury last Sunday. After introduction & letting our ladies know about a few tips on poses & how to look better in photographs – I basically had an hour to photograph all 10 ladies who applied their own make-up. You will see the first image, a “Before” image, that each lady sent me; then another image, that was taking by a friend right before the shoot in our studio, when each lady already had make-up on & then the 3rd image, taken during their 2-3 minutes of our speedy photo shoot. All images are taken with the same background & basically in the same pose. I wanted to demonstrate to our gorgeous women that beauty is in everyone: young & old, slim & voluptuous, extrovert &  introvert. We just have to remember it, keep our back straight, our necks stretched & our eyes sparkle with humour & compassion. Confidence is another factor in achieving a beautiful portrait. All 10 women ended up with a lovely portrait. That marathon was so popular that I have been asked  a few times already when are we going to do another one. 🙂 So maybe in a couple of months. Watch this space for the info  😉 Enjoy the samples of  “Before and Afters” 🙂       Book your session for yourself, your friend or your partner. Spoil your loved one! Call us on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au