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November 2012

Sydney family photography

Sydney family photography / image near the lake Recently I photograph a beautiful family of 5. We had amazing images from the shoot. A few weeks ago Belinda and Troy picked their stunning canvases. One of the images stood out for me so much that I had to order a sample for our studio as well. It is now proudly displayed in our studio and I can tell you that when my youngest came home ( he just turned 16yo), he just stopped in front of it and then said: ” OMG, what is it? Who painted it? It is just amazing. This family is amazing”. Then he said that I have never did anything more beautiful than that and I should do something like that for our own family.

Commercial and Elegant Portrait shoot for Jedda

  While having her commercial shoot done, we have also discussed an opportunity, as Jedda was already in our studio, to shoot some elegant portraiture, for her personal use and to do it straight after the commercial one. You will see that we didn’t t change much of the set or change Jedda’s clothes for the second part of the shoot, but the tone and the feel of the images had changed dramatically. Poses had changed and lighting became more soft and in some cases more dramatic. We have started with the same set – Jedda just took her jacket off and then we finished the shoot with simple and elegant black background. You can see for yourself now  – you only need a little preparation to have a beautiful, elegant portraiture done.