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July 2011

A teaser for K

                                                                    She blows in                                                                    On the breeze                                                                Ruffling her skirts                                                                   Being a tease.                                                                  A sudden chill                                                                     Hits the air                                                                       Nobody                                                                 Knows just where                                                                   This stranger                                                                  Has come from.                                                             But summer’s warmth                                                                      Is history                                                              As she stays awhile                                                            To dance with the trees                                                            In a summer romance                                                                Turned mystery.

Professional Photography Seminar in Melbourne

Oh. WOW! Awesome 2 days of meeting new people, sharing, making new friends and… learning!  I am so amazed at support I have received after my speech! After all – that was first time I was speaking in front of such big audience. I have to tell you – I was a bit, no, sorry – a lot nervous about being in front of such a big audience. I have done a few Intimate workshops with 3-5 people and have been a guest speaker a few times in front of 12-15, but never in front of 100+, speaking with microphone.  I was afraid that my accent is going to be too thick. I also needed to let people know that I needed to see in order to hear 🙂 For example – if I don’t have my glasses on – my hearing drops dramatically. :)You might be thinking: Ha? The answer is simple I need to read lips so I can hear better. So I have asked people to articulate for a blonde. 🙂 I am a genuine blonde after all. I am very thankful, very honoured to be presenting next to such an amazing, talented photographers as Yervant, Dan O’Day, Samm Blake, Mercury Megaloudis  and Hilary Wordhough  People telling me how much they have learnt… Feedback that we have received with people saying – they want to learn more – that is invaluable! I scored an impressive 8.5/10 overall from the survey from the SeminarHere are just a couple of testimonilas I have received  Hi Kira Likhterova – I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you talked about at the Pro Photo Seminars event last Mon and Tues. You gave a fantastic talk about creating beautiful images and posing in different people and in different situations. It was very informative and I learned alot. Thanks you again- it was great to spend time with you too! Looking forward to seeing you again, Cheers, Danielle Steele Vicky Papas Kira, l just came back from a shoot and l felt soooo inspired all day after spending two amazing days learning from you, and the talented artist! kira, your images blew me away and l loved watching you! your story of how you started out inspired me and l have learnt so much! thank you so much kira! you are brilliant!!! vicky xxxxx Have a look at a few images from 2 days of Seminar. I will have some more soon 🙂

Seminar in Melbourne on the 25th and 26th of August

   Please don’t forget about an amazing Seminar in Melbourne next Monday and Tuesday-  25th and 26th, there are still a few spots left. Ladies – shopping there is unbelievable! 🙂 Give yourself a break and learn and network at the same time. See you there.    http://www.prophotoseminars.com.au/ Speakers 1. Dan O’DayDan will be speaking about a range of topics that have been pertinent to his growth in the industry: his unique approach to weddings, the philosophy behind the importance of personal projects + nurturing creativity, as well as industry-specific competitions and awards. 2. Speaker 2 of 6 Hilary WardhaughHilary shows how success in business constantly growing the business. We all say we want a better balance in life. Well if that’s the case it is all about making the right choices to do so, even though they may be hard decisions to make. 3. Speaker 3 of 6 25th & 26th JULY MELBOURNE Kira Likhterova  – Me 🙂Kira will be discussing how to create magic with real people and how to find the beauty in everyone. Kira will also be demonstrating how to manage a photographic shoot anywhere and in any scenario.4. speaker 4 of 6 SAMM BLAKE Samm will be discussing topics in exploring creativity and refining artistic vision through the exploration and development of oneself, and how accessing this creative faculty has allowed her to grow both her business and artistic endeavours 5. Speaker 5 of 6  Mercury Megaloudis Mercury shares his secrets to running a successful photography studio. Get an edge over your competitors, setting standards, tips on selling, winning the AIPP 2010 Wedding Album of The Year and maintaining the rage after 20 years in business. 6. Speaker 6 of 6 YERVANT Find your Signature !Yervant’s work is easily recognised, it has a distinctive style which has become a signature. Bad for award entries as one can spot a ‘Yervant’ but very profitable in the real world.Today, we are all vying for the same business, most websites offer very similar images, all beautiful, but wha…t is your POINT OF DIFFERENCE? Yervant has a long track record in leading the marketplace with style, creating trends and breaking traditional rules.He owns one of the most successful studios in Australia if not the world.Find out Yervant’s “How”, “Why”, and his vision for the near future for our industry.

my photo for profile

  Interesting thing happened when I have posted my self-portraits on facebook and asked opinions of friends and fans if that image was suitable for my profile. The response was overwhelming. I might even consider letting other people photograph me (never before :). My husband will be really pleased to hear that. Please have a look at the images and comments. Add yours, if you like. I am not afraid anymore 🙂      Here are the images. Please follow links below to check out what was said of each one… check what my fans are saying  Kira’s self-portait  check what my fans are saying  Kira’s self-portrait 2  My dear fans. I need your opinion. Apparently I had no recent photos of myself ( surprise, surprise :), except for my wedding ones, and I was asked to provide it together with my bio for the Seminar and workshops being organised with me as a speaker. Well – that is what I saw in the mirror. Honestly – I tried. 🙂 But am no…t sure that it sends the right message? Am I looking sad? Or just hmmmm… wise? Hehehe (translation – old..) LOL I am seriously, seriously believe that I am a woman behind the camera, not in front. Need your opinions, please. Should it be sort of more cheerful? 🙂 Help, please